Thursday, December 15, 2011

I AM CHAD WHITE @ Soul Artist Mgmt.

One day I was chatting with my best friend on the phone and she was going on and on about  the universe and if I want something I should put it out into the universe and I will get it. so I decided to compile a list of people i want to work with one day and i did so on facebook (see dream list). I also tagged the people and their agents to the list. After that Jason Kanner from Soul Artist management saw the list and offered to send as many of their models on the list. The first person he sent was supermodel Chad White.

I was so nervous. What do you do with a model who has photographed with all the greats? 
so i decided to customize something just for him. I googled him and I saw a runway image of him in the D-Squared show dressed in a white motorcycle jumper and ran out and got the closest thing I could afford which was a white painter's jumper from Home Depot. The whole time I was planning his shoot I was thinking "wow, i caint believe i'm finna shoot Chad White."

many of you may recognize his face from major campaigns like Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss and magazine covers and editorials shot by amazing photographers like Steven Klein, Steven Miesel, and Francois Rousseau

When he arrived, he was on time ( 2pm on the dot) and he was gracious and polite. He whipped out his phone and turned it off and put it in his bag. It was the first time I noticed a model doing that. I am accustom to models walking thru the door texting and twittering and facebooking but he showed respect by putting his phone away. I know for me, I never  use my phone during a shoot so I can give the person in front of my camera  my full attention. 

We sat and chatted about modeling, his numerous photoshoot experiences with the Stevens (Miesel and Klein), our families, his dogs and motor bikes, and food (we both looooove food). In front of the camera I told him to  give me some of that "Chad White shit" - and he  just started moving like he could read my mind. I really had fun working with him and I can't wait to work with him again. Next time imma make sure to get some full length shot because  he has the best legs ever.

Special thanks to Jason Kanner for sending him to me ...... thanks!!!

ps. Chad, you left your baseball cap.... i'll hold on to it for you ;)

Monday, December 5, 2011


model: Jeremy Rosado @ Boss Models NYC
(photography and styling: Tarrice Love)

I met Jeremy Rosado during an editorial shoot I did for AMMO magazine. I really enjoyed working with all of the guys that day but he was the only one that never had a one on one session with me. We exchanged contacts and proceeded to set something up.  At the time my relationship with  booker was "strained" so we set the shoot up directly with each other.

Jeremy has beautiful face and an amazing body.  I wanted to do images that show'd his sensual side that compliments his physical strengths. So i decided to shoot him in with a natural light theme using my favorite magazines with black models as a way to pay homage to their black beauty. Jeremy's character is obsessed with black women so much so  that he has daydreams about them. He was completely open to the concept  and took direction well. He fell into character so convincingly that he fell asleep on the floor during the shoot. The results turned out beautiful and I hope y'all like them.

model: Jeremy Rosado @ Boss Models NYC
(photography and styling: Tarrice Love)

Friday, December 2, 2011

introducing: CAESAR STOVALL @ Red Citizen NYC

I met  former Army paramedic turned model Caesar Stovall at the beginning of the  year on modelmayhem. We would chat on skype about our ambitions and our planned photo session. He came to shoot with me from a small town in Virgina. In person he was more than another one of those light skinned, pretty, mixed-raced boy that towered over me like a tree.... Caesar had that "it" factor..

I really didn't like the pictures from this session because i hated his hair so we reschedule a second shoot with a better hair cut. On the day of our re-shoot, he signed to Red Citizen NYC and booked an exclusive with Givenchy fashion show. His booker  had other plans for him that didn't include shooting with me - so the shoot was cancelled. He took me to lunch instead to show his thanks and appreciation for me taking the time and special interest in working with him and being his friend. He told me that it was the pics I took of him that caught the eye  of his booker at Red.

Caesar Stovall's walking the Givenchy runway show last season created a lot of buzz for him to work with leading photographers and designers  in NY. He's even had a write up in the New York Times. I am excited for him and happy that all his hard work and sacrifices are starting to pay off. I expect bigger things  for Caesar and I wish him continued success.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I came to New York City 5 years ago with the hopes to become a influential fashion and fine arts photographer. I have no real family or friends here .... just a few artist friends whom i developed friendships through social networks like black planet, myspace , and eventually facebook. Within the last 5 years I have worked with some amazing artist and models. Aligned myself with people I never  thought i'd have  the opportunity to meet and work with. I am living my dream.

That would have never happened had I not took a leap of faith and stepped outside the comfort zone of my hometown of Memphis, Tn.

I just want to say thank you to all the people who help make living my dream in nyc a little bit easier. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

introducing ANTHONY BURRELL - Actor/ dancer/ choreographer

I am a big fan of the art of dance and was happy to work with Anthony Burrell. He's a good friend of mine and I just wanted y'all to check out the newest Kelly Rowland video that he not only appears in, but he also co-choreographed.

cotton drop harem pants designed by me-Tarrice Love with matching sleeveless t-shirt

behind the scenes Anthony Burrell and Kelly Rowland


I general don't photograph babies, but yesterday top working models of color came in and out of my Brooklyn studio  to be photographed for a special project i'm working on. One girl came thru with her 8 month old daughter, Bryce. After my session with the modeling mother, she asked me to take a few shots of her cutie pie. I was finna say "hell no!" The last time i shot a small child, he cried the entire time and held onto his grandma's leg screaming like i was the boogie man coming to kill him. Lil momma was so cute so I said sure. We sat her on the little stool and she proceeded to serve face better than the majority of the pros that step in front of my lens. I just had to share a few of the shots from our quick shoot.

Monday, October 3, 2011

SMOKIN' feat. rapper/actor BRY'NT

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring rapper/ actor Bry'Nt
Hair - Vaughn McIver
Barbering - Kev G.
styled by Tarrice Love

The first time i worked with was last year when I shot his promo material for his music. I didn't know what to expect. The only other time I work with a rap artist was when I shot Eightball and MJG for Ozone Magazine. He came in with his stylist, groomer and management so I was expecting drama. To my surprise, everyone was so cool - the nicest crew of people I have worked with to date. I liked working with Bry'Nt so much , I had him return to shoot something a bit more provocative for me.

Bry,Nt is an openingly gay rap artist and actor. He's had success amongst the gay community and a growing following in mainstream rap circles. Bry’Nt began his solo career with the release of his controversial mixtapes “Porn Star” (2008) and “Porn Star II: The Director’s Cut” (2009). He titled the projects "Porn Star" because he felt people are hesitant to admit they like his music because of his sexuality the same way people are hesitant to admit that they like porn. He has toured nationally and internationally opening for artists such as Fantasia, Teairra Mari, RuPaul, and DJ Class. From interviews on Sirius Satellite Radio with DJ Kay Slay and Angela Yee. Magazines including Spin, Bleu, and Kontrol Magazine have already done write ups about him. Bry’Nt has put himself at the forefront of an underground movement known as “Out Hip-Hop;” which consists of openly gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual artists. This has mad him a recent nominee for OUTMusic Awards.

me and Bry'Nt chatting it up about our experience working together and his upcoming projects.

Bry'Nt also stars in the independant film "Finding Me: Truth." 
Check out the "Finding Me: Truth" blog for more information:

For the latest events, info, photos, and more on Bry'Nt visit the following:




Band Camp


I think Bry'Nt is a very cool dude and I enjoy working with him and will continue to collaborate with him to produce madness.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Patrick Clark @ Ford NYC (Direct)
styled by Tarrice Love

Patrick Clark of Ford Models Direct is a working models that has appeared in campaigns for everything from Redken hair products to Target. He wanted to do some images that would attract more editorial opportunities so his booker at Ford Direct, Dorian Lowe, hit me up and asked me would I be up for the challenge.....y'all should know me by now... I'm always down to do any project that challenges my skills.

I pulled a few military inspired pieces from my personal closet and styled him in a "poetic" fashion. The ruffled ascot was customized by me cutting up a cheap button up I bought at one of those bargain stores that lined up and down Fulton Ave.

THANK YOU DORIAN LOWE and the team at FORD NYC for supporting my vision and keeping me in mind  for projects like this for their models.