Tuesday, August 29, 2017

MODELING 2017 (#returntothesupermodel ...please)

The model arrives. (usually late).
They come through the door (with phone in hand).
They sit down (with phone still in hand).
I ask for their portfolio. the model goes to their packback and pull out and ipad or tablet.
They go to their photo gallery on their phone.
I make small talk... ask them questions about themselves... trying to get to know them.
They give me short answers (never looking away from the phone in their hand).
I start telling them about myself but if they seem completely disinterested, I just stop talking.
I walk over to the shooting area and say okay lets get this done and over with....
The model walks over and brings the phone with them so they can see it when it lights up.
They put on the 1st look and stand facing toward me with both arms to their side waiting for instructions.
I'd turn on the  music and  proceed to give direction.
Their phone lights up or makes a buzzing noise.... they run over and pick it up, text a response, and return it to the table. They'd  return to the  x on the  floor and  resume their "Rolodex" of posing.
They put on the second look and repeat everything that happened in the first look.
We're done!
I act like  it was  a great shoot and pretend like i love the pictures.
They grab their phone and their bag and proceed to walk out the door with a half-ass thank you and  goodbye.
I lie down on the couch and listen to them walk down the stairs and think "That photoshoot felt like bad sex....blah and not worth mentioning...blah!."

Shooting models use to be fun.
I love working with new people and getting to know them and allowing them to get to know me. Models would come through the door with all this great energy and I would immediately understand why they were in demand. They were familiar with my work and  excited to see the #realmagic we'd create together. It was a collaboration where we shared ideas and shooting was an experience for everyone involved. It was an opportunity to build, connect, and create unforgettable images that would last beyond all of our careers.

When I worked with models before, it was very personal for me. I'd get a chance  to try new ideas and  techniques. They model would get to see themselves in a  different way and  have images that helped them stand out at castings. I was sharing my gifts and artistic talent with people who would become my friends. In 2017, shooting models feel like they are placing a fast food order at a drive thru window. They want images that look like other models  or images that reinforce the way people see them already. Its become very impersonal.

Its not always like this...but i'm experiencing  more shoots like this and i am trying to adjust to this new way the fashion world is operating but its not easy for me. Its  hard to create inspiring work with people  who don't seem inspired.
Can we #returnofthesupermodel .....please? they loved being in front of the  camera or at least made the  photographer and  the  team love being around  them. They were connected and engaging. Models today are more involved with their phones than whats  happening around  them. They arent interested in befriending  the photographer and the  team... they just wanna be in and out as quickly as possible. I'll never forget what top model/ actor Toby Sandeman from Soul Artist management said  to me. "its  not about booking jobs, its about REBOOKING jobs. Its about connecting with the  team to make them want to work with you more and more and more..."
Its impossible to do that when the model has their face buried in their phones.