Sunday, January 24, 2010



This set of images is of my friend/ model Pierre Woods @ New York Model Mgmt. He is most recognized as the black guy in the Ralph Lauren ads during the 2008 winter Olympics. He was also the only black man to stomp the runways for D&G and Ferrogamo during the 2007 fall/ winter collections. 2009 Pierre appeared in Vman, Details, GQ, Vibe, Krave, and Uptown magazines. He also graced the cover of British GQ's Style issue.

These images are inspired by the fighter attitude in Pierre Woods and myself to succeed in the fashion world. I dedicate these images to the fighter in all of us to concur the obstacles facing all of us in our lives.

note: check out Pierre Woods as the face for the POLO/ RALPH LAUREN HAITI RELIEF POLO SHIRT. all 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the humanitarian efforts in Haiti through The United Way Worldwide Disaster Fund

Thursday, January 14, 2010


these are a few images from my nude book project of Haitian - American photographer/ model  Sidney Etienne

Early this week, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake ravaged the island nation of Haiti. I, posted up in my apartment in Bed-stuy,  watch ( via internet) the mass devastation and the innumerable accounts of the injured, impoverished and families of the deceased that line the streets of Port-Au-Prince. I began praying for the victims and Haitian-American photographer/ model Sidney Etienne who is a close friend of mine. His mom is amongst the hundreds of thousands affected by the earthquake catastrophe that has left her homeless (she is alive and unharmed).

Immediately, international teams from all over the world has reached out to aid the people of Haiti by pouring in food, water, medical supplies and aid workers. As the death toll of the disaster is expected to exceed 100,000s, their need is critical and urgent. Monitary doations are the fastest and best way for anyone to show their support. There are such problems with transportation and distribution to move donated items around Haiti, the most powerful way to act is through cash because it can turn be quickly turned into whatever is needed on the ground.

Even through these economic strains on my finances, I already donate a portion of my weekly salary to United Way and Red Cross, but during the month of January I will also take a portion of every photo session I book and donate it to the charity below and encourage others to help and make a donation of $10 or more....

Saturday, January 9, 2010


photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Mike Radon @ Major Model Mgmt.
styled by Tarrice Love
grooming by Tarrice Love

Former football  player for the Atlanta Falcons, Mike Radon, has stepped into the arena of modeling currently represented by Major Model Mgmt. The agency sent him to test with me not knowing what to expect. Neither did I. Mike walked to thru the door with this really weird haircut that I didn't like. with my usual limited resources, I decided to create this monk/ Arab type hooded cloak. I was inspired by this photo of a Arab man on my wall and the styling of the Steven Klein fashion story in Japan Men's Vogue.


Most of the work Mike had done was centered around his amazing body. He is  what I call "black-boy-built." he was tall, muscular and bow-legged. I wanted to do something that made Mike a little bit more fashion editorial especially since muscular male models are making a return to the editorial scene.

Monday, January 4, 2010


photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Brandon Parker (unsigned)
styled by Tarrice Love
grooming by Tarrice Love

I first met Brandon Parker about five years ago in the Hickory Ridge Mall in Memphis, TN. My assistant, Aisha Edwards, spotted him and thought he would be great to shoot. We exchanged phone numbers and by the end of that day had set up his first shoot.

Standing at 6ft and weighing a whooping 200lbs, Brandon is a semi-pro football player for the Tennessee Hurricanes. He plays the position of wide receiver. He has dabbled in acting and modeling appearing a a few local tv commercials and traveling all over the country posing for many photographers.
The images you see posted are a set I recently shot when Brandon made the trip to the Big Apple to celebrate his birthday and visit friends. I am glad that he made time to grace my lens. We shot the fashion images in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. Thanks to photographer, Sidney Etienne, for letting us use his rooftop to shoot the nude shots. His rooftop overlooked the Halsey Street subway station and their were about 40 onlookers.

For this set of images I wanted to capture him in a way he hadn't seen himself. I mainly wanted to photograph him in a suit but his big ass could only fit one of my suits. Despite the fact that I was terrified that he was gonna rip thru my suit like the Incredible Hulk, I think the shots turned out amazing for him. The nudes - I wanted to have a very light and graceful feeling. Using the Brooklyn sky as his backdrop seem to be perfect for him.

One of the things I have always enjoyed about working with Brandon is his level of comfort in front of the camera. Finding a male model who was comfortable naked in the Bible-belt mecca of Memphis was very rare. His natural ability to convey grace, masculinity, and sex appeal has made him a longtime favorite to work with. He is a great guy and fun to photograph I look forward to working with him the next time he comes to NYC and will make sure to do a video with him.
(Brandon Parker was so tired after the shoot, he fell asleep on the train heading back to my place in Brooklyn, lol)