Sunday, June 29, 2008

014: I LOVE SEEING MODELS I HAVE SHOT WORKIN' IT....Abeba @ Identities Models NYC

see more of Abeba at

ahhhh hailing from kingston jamaica is the amazingly beautiful Abeba! I light up with a big ass smile everytime i think of her. I was chillin on the train thumbing thru the latest issue of vibe magazine and BAM!!!! there she is advertisement for Applebottom jeans featuring Abeba@ Identities Model NYC. Yeeesss Sir! T-Love is aimin his lens toward the next superstars of the business.

013: Me and TAY-TAY

this is me in NYC after meeting with Daryl Washington and Earnest Williams @ Fusion Management

This past week i was on vacation. Shelling out that $400 for that air conditioner and another $350 on a new computer hit my pockets hard. I couldn't afford to go back home to Memphis. I decided to chill out and shoot a little and just relax. I set up a few TFP session to explore some new ideas with new aspiring models ( they all either cancelled or stood me up). This best part of my vacation was chillin out at my good friend, fashion photographer Itaysha Jordan.
this is me and Itaysha Jordan @ her studio in Brooklyn finishin up the best cheeseburger and chocolate milkshake

me in bryant park with model Rumando Kelley - a bird shitted on my V magazine :(

me lost ...again and i ran into Shawn Sutton on the streets

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Darrell Walden Jr @ Specimen/Fusion Models NYC

Darrell is one of the guys who i worked with when i first came to NYC. The work we did helped shape both of our portfolios. He is so humble and down to earth I wasn't surprised when he was one of the models of color who took Paris runways by storm this season. I look forward to seeing him do more in this industry. Cain't wait to get him back in front of my camera....
to the right: Darrell in Louis Vuitton and to the left: Darrell in Givency Spring/ summer 2009 collections

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


to the left: Andre Douglas @ Specimen/Wilhelmina Models NYC at spring 2009 Dsquared show in Milan

I met Andre Douglas ( Specimen/ Wilhelmina models nyc) in fall 2006 when i first moved to NYC. He came all the way from Lawrenceville, AL and crashed at my apt in the bronx while i helped him develope his portfolio. I introduced him to his mother agent , Sean Bennett @ Specimen Model Mgmt. When i learned that he and another model I shot ( Ibrahim Braaith @ Red Models) did the DSquared Spring 2009 fashion show in milan, i went on youtube to watch it. I am sooooo fuckin proud to see them making strides in this business. It brings all of us another step closer. I felt like it was me on that runway...Congrats Dre and Ibrahim. continue to do tha damn thang....

Andre Douglas@Wilhelmina Models nyc

Ibrahim Braaith@ red models nyc

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

010: introducing Pierre Woods @ new york models

i met pierre woods last fall during fashion week at the Nico and Adrien Spring 2008 show. I already worked with most of the guys in the show and i saw Pierre and immediately wanted to work with him. After the show, we exchanged info and i gave him my card. i wanted to follow proper procedure and set up a shoot thru his agency. they kinda blew me off when i called. A few days later he called me himself to set up a shoot. that made me feel really good that he was impressed with my work that he would set up a shoot with me without making me go thru the agency crap. Pierre is a really cool dude and unlike most of the models i have worked with....we have developed a friendship. For me being new in nyc and pretty much alone....his friendship is something i truly value. I look forward to creating more hot shit with pierre.....



Sunday, June 8, 2008

007: WE DID IT AGAIN - Shawn Sutton@red models nyc

last sunday we did it again....and this time it didn't rain. we were in my neighborhood in brooklyn and people were everywhere. little girls were watching and amazed at how "unreal" he looked. I styled him with the concept of combining sports uniform with a suit and tie. lol, it was fun and we were getting good shots until the muslims across the street were upset about me shooting in the area. My building superviser told me that the buildings are co-owned by Malcolm X and its some kind of historic momument. so we stopped....more so because i didn't have a permit and the battery pack for my strobe died. after that we did some more studio stuff. I didn't get the opportunity to do body stuff with him and i was disappointed about that  - esp since body work is a major strength of mine and he has a good body. Nonetheless the stuff we did turned out good and I was able to add something different to Shawn Sutton portfolio.