Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Wendell Lissimore @ Red NYC
ph. Tarrice love

It was Dec. 19, 2006 - I was scheduled to shoot model Wendell Lissimore @ RED MODELS NYC. I had picked up a copy of Trace Magazine on my subway ride home and he was all up in it. I was now nervous.... i was shooting with an up and coming "real" model. He arrived late (last minute castings), kicked off his shoes, ate all my Doritos, and started to doze off....but the moment he stepped in front of my camera and started doing what i call "the lissimore pout",  a smile came over my face. I had never seen anyone have so much confidence and deliver so effortlessly. I was like "yeaaaaah! this is why i came to NYC."

I didn't have a stylist so i just  shot him in the clothes he had one and accessorized with crap i bought on the streets in the Bronx. It all came together and we made it work.

 I was so happy to discover his European agencies LOVED the images and used them on his compcards, showcards, and his portfolio.

Wendell Lissimore was my 1st test shoot with Red Model Management - RED NYC ....i'll never forget it.