Sunday, May 27, 2012

THE SMIT TWINS @ Soul Artist Mgmt.

I had a wonderful opportunity to shoot identical twin brothers Jordan and Travis Smit  represented by Soul Artist Management. When they arrived to my studio space, I just wanted to do images that were clean and simple. I wanted to create images that captured how  beautiful their faces are in person so i created the head-turbans to give drama around their faces.

photographed and styled by Tarrice Love

Jordan Smit @ Soul Artist Mgmt.
white shirt by Calvin Klein
grey sweater by The Gap
jeans- model's own

Travis Smit @ Soul Artist Mgmt.
white shirt by Calvin Klein
jeans- model's own

Monday, May 14, 2012


Last summer I went home to visit my family in Memphis, TN and on my way back to New York I got stuck with a long lay-over in Atlanta. I called my  photographer friend, James K. Holder and asked if I could  crash at his place. I got a chance to see his  studio (it is amazing) and he cooked me dinner.

Since I was  there, he asked if he could shoot my portrait. I was feeling  tired and fat (i gained 11lbs during my family visit) but I didnt feel it was fair to say no since he let me shoot his portrait when he was in I said yes and we shot each other.

photographer James K Holder
check out his work -

James has always comfortable with his body so  I shot him nude (of course). I saw this pile of white  fabric in the corner of  his studio and decide to have him drape it over himself with his  giant fan blowing. 


me - Tarrice Love photographed by James K Holder

Sitting in front of someone else's camera  was very hard for  me. I never like being photographed.... I don't even have graduation pictures from high school. This was my first time  having my portrait taken  with a professional photographer. I am very happy with the results..... James did an excellent job.