Tuesday, April 28, 2009

pictorial #005 Mr and Mrs Smith featuring Gabraella

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Gabraella @ Click Models and Bryan Dewitt
styled by Sergio Dior
makeup Theresa Francine
Hair by Shari

Stylist Sergio called me out of the blue asking if I could do a shoot at the last minute. My friend, actor Joseph Daniels was in town visiting. I was gonna shoot him, but he ended up assisting me with this shoot. The girl was named Gabraella and she was with Click Models. Her shoot was suppose to be with photographer Lope Navo but something happened that ended with her at the front of my door in brooklyn with tear stain makeup running down her face.

No one would tell me what happened and I didn't press the issue because I wanted the models to refocus on what they where doing with me. The makeup and hair team cleaned her up and re prepped her for this couple shoot with male model Bryan Dewitt.

Gabraella was a trooper, trying her damn'est to get her mind focused. Bryan was like a Ken doll come to life... he was amazing and very professional. Sergio put together some really hot looks for everyone. The makeup was creative and made retouching unnecessary. My only complaint (you know i had to bitch about something, lol) was that I felt it took them waaaaay too long to get her ready. I was on the redbulls for real that night.

introducing: Joseph McCrea

(Joseph McCrea is nolonger represented by Empire models... he is now unsigned)

I saw Joseph McCrea on on the network website model mayhem. I immediately saw his potential. His look is very fashion forward with little sprinkles of Brian Peters, Pierre Woods, and Wendell Lissimore all rolled into one. I contacted him and he immediately threw me off onto his agent at Empire Models. I told him if I had to go thru his agent and "tap dance" to shoot with him, someone would have to pay me. After all I had plenty of black guys in my port and I felt it unnecessary to go thru a middle man for another one.

He contacted me and we set up the shoot for the next day.

I looked at the images on Joseph in his internet profile. I was shocked. In my opinion those images that were in his portfolio were not going to help to secure him modeling jobs in this industry. I saw his potential and wanted to provide him good images that would set a higher standard for him.

above are the images that were posted on his agency website and various modeling websites that he was using as his portfolio at the time....

I tried to give him images that portray him in the best light possible. With him being one of few black guys on his agency's men's board, I wanted the images to show sides of him that put him in the same league as some of the top working male models in this business. We jokingly refer to him as "the ninja" because he's the only black guy on his agency men's roster.

He was great to work with. He is young, fresh, and very photogenic. He takes direction well and brings a lot of positive energy to my studio space. Working with Joseph makes me feel like I'm working with my little brother.

His agent was not thrilled with him working with me outside of the agency. I understand why... and it won't happen again. I hope the images we have done together has helped open doors for him.... he deserves a fair chance. Now every photographer Joseph McCrea shoots with is gonna haveta bring their "A" game.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

TAIMAK aka The Last Dragon.....

Berry Gordy' s The Last Dragon was a karate flick featuring Taimak, Vanity and Julius J Carry III as the villian Shonuff. It is hands down one of my top ten most favoritest movies ever. I have seen it at least a million times. When I was a kid watching it, I use to wish I WAS Bruce Leroy.

The first time I visited New York I found Taimak on the network website Myspace and we made arrangments to shoot together. Then my camera got stolen and that shoot never happened. After my permenant move to NY, I contacted him again and we set up a meeting at his martial arts gym in manhattan. I almost died....I was meeting BRUCE LEROY. lol

We clicked.
Taimak journeyed to the Bronx where I was staying and we shot. We did two more sessions and one was with sexy video vixen Rita G, who is best know for her appearance on Howard Stern and Kanye West's Flashing Lights video.

Taimak is a really cool dude and at 40-something looks absolutely amazing. He has done martial arts choreography for movies and pop stars like, Madonna. Currently he is a fitness expert and has developed a wellness program for young people and is bringing it to communities all over the states. He's still acting. Sony Pictures has taken on producing a remake of the Last Dragon featuring Samuel L Jackson as "Shonuff". Taimak will also appear in the movie as well. Check out his website to be updated with the projects he's working on and purchase his fitness DVD at http://www.dynasty8.com/.  He really does have that "glow"


Temperatures are rising. Summer is right around the corner. What better way to cool off than to get soaking wet... with red model Art Stroman.

Monday, April 20, 2009

one to watch: Henry Watkins @ red models nyc

George Brown, new faces booker at Red Models NYC, called me and asked if I had time to squeeze in a test with Henry Watkins, there latest discovery. He was in NYC for the weekend from Philly. He was a great guy to work with. Took direction well and was a lot of fun. He created the term "panty-soakers" to describe the work i create. lol.

Henry is a combination of commercial and editorial and I look forward to seeing his star shine. With his dazzling classic looks and superstar potential, Henry Watkins is fighting his way to the front of the line.....

FASHION ICON: Valentino- The Last Emperor

This past saturday evening i went to the movies with fellow photograph Sean Watters to see VALENTINO The Last Emperor. It is a behind-the-scenes look at the world of fashion, featuring access never-before allowed in the high temples of Haute Couture. The legendary Valentino is the star of the film, along with his longtime business partner, Giancarlo Giammetti. VALENTINO THE LAST EMPEROR follows them for the final two years of their careers, and show the struggles the two men face as they confront the final act of a nearly 50-year career at the top of the world's most glamorous and competitive game. The struggle of art against commerce is at the center of the film. Its a struggle all creatives are facing in a society centered around money and greed.

The film documents the colorful and dramatic closing act of Valentino’s celebrated career, tells the story of his extraordinary life and work, and also explores the larger themes affecting the fashion business today. But at the heart of the film is the unique relationship between Valentino and his business partner and companion of 50 years, Giancarlo Giammetti.

I think every person who is a fashion industry creative or aspires to be apart of fashion business should see this film.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Brinic aka Bri, is a model I shot who arrived from LA to meet with agencies here in NYC for representation in the NY market. While she was in town, she was testing with photographers to update her portfolio. Her portfolio was very LA commercial and I wanted to supply her with classic fashionable images.

I did the styling, hair, and makeup myself. I actually made this dress out of a black t-shirt and the sleeve out of my fabric backdrop I cut up for the shoot. One of the guys I had previously shot left behind a wrist cuff thatI transformed into the neck piece she is wearing.

I wanted to also give Brinic images that were classic, sexy and would be in her book forever....

the imfamous...TARRICE LOVE steps in front of the camera.

image photographed by Brandon Parker

Brandon Parker @ Ford stopped thru to pick up his photos and get in a quick session and he decided to pick up my camera and play photographer with me as his model. My first reaction was "hell to the no!" Then he had this sad look on his face and I felt kinda guilty that him and all the models I've worked with totally trust me behind the camera and I wasn't giving him the same trust. So I decided what the hell, let'm direct me, guide me thru this.

It was wierd to watch Brandon be me, telling me what to do and i do it. It was fun. This was the first time I trusted a model with the image of myself and the results turned out pretty good. After I get this body poppin and turn this 20lbs of fat into muscle imma step back in front of the camera... ;)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Brandon Parker Signs With FORD Models....

Brandon Parker arrived to New York City in July of 2008 with hopes of a modeling career after a foot injury that put his basketball aspirations on hold. He worked with stylist and photographers developing his modeling portfolio and hit the open calls of some of the top modeling agencies in nyc with no luck. (open calls are for models agents are looking for and black models aren't high on the list. Agents haveta work 4 times as hard for black models...who wants to work hard)

He met me while working as a prepper for Ralph Lauren Polo styling manager Kelli Browning and Randal Jacobs. They were styling Pierre Woods for an editorial i was shooting for Uptown magazine. I worked with Brandon for months helping him developed a stronger portfolio presentation and in the process we have become great friends. At the end of the year I introduced him to mother agent Sean Bennett of Specimen Models to help place Brandon with an agency in nyc.

Brandon wow'd and dazzled one of the top agencies in the world, Ford Models. With Ford's ability to service the complete spectrum of clients with complete discipline and passion, Its a great place for a guy like Brandon Parker to be represented. He shares representation with some of my favorite guys... Kyle Saunders, Chavez, and Brian Peters... Congratulations Brandon Parker.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ANTM did her no justice - Marvita Washington

Check out the work I did with reality star ANTM Cycle 9 and 10's Marvita Washington. I enjoyed working with her and she was easy to work with. I styled her myself with outfits I created from t-shirts and cotton fabric I purchased from a fabric store in my neighborhood.

photography/ styling - Tarrice Love

Pierre Woods giving us face on the front of British GQ

It has been a long time since we have seen models on the cover of fashion magazines and its real nice to see my dude Pierre Woods @ New York Models leading the return of the supermodel. His face has a solo appearance on the cover of the current style issue of British GQ. This is a big accomplishment especially since for the past 10 years magazines are notorious for selecting entertainment celebrities, atheletes, and politicians to appear on their covers. This is an even bigger accomplishment for a black male model in this industry.

Stomping the runways in Milan for D&G and Ferragamo, a remembered appearance in last years Ralph Lauren Polo campaign and a slew of feature editorials under his belt its not surprising that he's quickly becoming a recognizable face to watch out for....... I'm proud of him - thats my dude doin' that danm-ness!

ph - Tarrice love