Tuesday, July 29, 2008

introducing: LYMARIE@basic model mgmt.

Lymarie @ basic model mgmt. is another model who was on my "The Dream Wall" in my room in Memphis. I had her picture from her first modeling job featured in Vibe magazine. I love working with girls like her. She is gorgeous and natural. Her vibe is so fuxing sexy but it has that tough girl-ness. Since i'm not willing to beg or kiss ass to stylist to work with me, I designed and styled her outfits myself. The styling was inspired by the vide she was giving me - sexy - fierce! It was like Mad Max meets Catwoman. The ideas were spontaneous and coming faster than i could produce. I was on that roof top screaming like white girls at a Beatles concert. lol I HAD SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!

this is the photo of Lymarie thatwas on my dream wall in memphis

She reminds me of girls at home. The girls in Memphis that i had worked with were very cool and laid back. They also didn't mind contributing and bring something to the table. In order to create good photos models haveta be willing to meet us photographers half way. Lymarie does that and more. She is a real pro. She is another model i don't haveta do hardly any retouching to her....she has amazing skin. I love me some Lymarie!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008


this past weekend was incredible. i worked with amazing models Lymarie @ basic model mgmt and Chavez and Eugena Washington from America's Next Top Model who are both represented by Specimen Model mgmt. I had fun with all of them..... the only thing missing was good food! ALL MY WEEKENDS SHOULD BE LIKE THIS.

model Chavez @ Specimen Model Mgmt

Chavez getting his hair done by hair master Dante Blandshaw

finalist from ANTM - Eugena (note: this image is straight out of the camera - UNRETOUCHED. just to show naysayers that my work isn't about the post-production.)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

here is my ace-boon! joelcemere leon

there are 4 aces in a deck of cards, here's one of mine. i met joelcemere (pronounced joh-wel - cee- murh) in photography class in college and we have been tight ever since. he knows me and understands me like only a handful of people do. he has been there for most of the important moments of my life. whenever i get frustrated with trying to be apart of this fashion industry i call joelcemere. he always knows what to say to make me feel better about things that are happening. i miss my friends from memphis so much..... i never thought i would miss them ....but being in nyc without my family and friends for that support i grew so comfortable with makes me value what i had before i came here so much more.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Being a native Memphian means you have a serious love of music. Memphis is one of most prominant music cities in America. Music is a huge influence on my art - its like the water to my plants....
here are the 5 songs currently on heavy rotation in my ipod.....
if you see me on the subway with mye ipod and my eyes are closed and my head is nodding and my neck is rollin... these are the 5 reasons why....

1. baby - ll cool j feat. dream
2. supersonic - jj fad
3. the healer - erykah badu
4. closer - goapele
5. make that ass clap - project pat


For the first time in history of magazinedom, Italian Vogue launched an All-Black issue. Its a 4 cover edition paying tribute to the most prominant black faces in fashion....ever. From Iman and Pat Cleveland to Naomi, Tyra, and my personal favorite, Veronica Webb. This issue introduced us to the new girls Sesselie Lopez, Jourdan Dunn, and Chanel Iman. My highlight was the fashion spread of Toccara Jones, the fabulous plus size model from America's Next Top Model. With this issue, photographer Steven Miesel brings to the attention the lack of diversity and the prejudices in the industry about race and size. All the women featured looked amazing and i hope this opens the door for positive change and much needed excitement to fashion.

i encourage everyone to run out and get a copy ( if you can find one). I stalked the newstands in downtown Manhattan every morning for 2weeks. Thank God for the new iphone being launched friday....i bought 2 copies ( jourdan and sesselie covers)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

introducing Antonio Jordan @ JG Models NYC

Antonio Jordan is from Little Rock, Ak. I first saw him working in Abercrombie and Fitch on fifth Ave. I didn't approach him b/c most of the "models" that work their have a negative vibe. I didn't feel that from him but i didn't want to take my chances. I was later introduced to him by a stylist i was working with on a project. Antonio was walking around with a very commercial book with aspirations to do more edgier stuff so i was up to the challenge of making him sexy and hot.

above are some of the examples of the type of pics Antonio had in his portfolio.

what do you think -

Saturday, July 12, 2008

OH MY GOSH, it's Dynast @ Silver Models NYC!!!!

Albert Hollis aka Dynast is a sports and fitness model with Silver Models NYC. He lives in ATL and i hold a special place for my fellow southerners. Adam ( of Silver models) sent me a email letting me know that Dynast was in town and was available for me to test. Dynast himelf also sent me an email wanting to meet up with me to give me his compcard and discuss the possibility of us shooting. We met up at Barns and Noble on 54th and 3rd in Manhattan. I was sitting there - in my Fedex uniform when i saw him enter.

Tall, dark and handsome...he was great. All i wanna say about Dynast is that his body is crrrrrraaaazy. If i could have swap bodies with him for 2 days.... the first day i would lie around naked with mirrors and stare at myself. lol The second day i would bang every chick rawdog'd i could get my hands on before i had to give him his body back. He would definitely have to go get some kind of shot when he got his body back, LMAO!!!!!! Dynast was easy and lay'd back to work with and i look forward to shooting with him again.

introducing Conner McCreedy @ Fusion NYC

Fresh from South Africa and onto the men's board at Fusion NYC, Conner McCreedy is one to watch. Men's board director Earnest Williams wanted something fresh and classic for Conner's first test and he sent him right to me. I hope I ga
ve him what he wanted. I was Conner's first photoshoot in NYC and he was a little nervous but I was very happy with the results. The shoot was quick (lasted 35 minutes, lol). check out some of the shots. i look forward to seeing Conner evolve into an amazing model.....