Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Wendell Lissimore @ Red NYC
ph. Tarrice love

It was Dec. 19, 2006 - I was scheduled to shoot model Wendell Lissimore @ RED MODELS NYC. I had picked up a copy of Trace Magazine on my subway ride home and he was all up in it. I was now nervous.... i was shooting with an up and coming "real" model. He arrived late (last minute castings), kicked off his shoes, ate all my Doritos, and started to doze off....but the moment he stepped in front of my camera and started doing what i call "the lissimore pout",  a smile came over my face. I had never seen anyone have so much confidence and deliver so effortlessly. I was like "yeaaaaah! this is why i came to NYC."

I didn't have a stylist so i just  shot him in the clothes he had one and accessorized with crap i bought on the streets in the Bronx. It all came together and we made it work.

 I was so happy to discover his European agencies LOVED the images and used them on his compcards, showcards, and his portfolio.

Wendell Lissimore was my 1st test shoot with Red Model Management - RED NYC ....i'll never forget it.

Monday, September 3, 2012

portrait: DAVID McINTOSH

model: David McIntosh
ph: Tarrice Love
shirt: Calvin Klein
jacket and tie: H&M
trousers: designed by Tarrice Love

I had the opportunity  to photograph tattoo covered David  McIntosh during his rounds with NY photographers. He is a ex-Royal Marine Commando in the UK and appears  as one of the gladiators on the popular show Gladiators under the  name Tornado.

It's a given that  David has an amazing body and understandable why  everyone wants to photograph it but I wanted to capture him in a more  fashionable way so I decided  to shoot him in a shirt and way :)

special thanks to Smart Model Mgmt. for sending David to work with me.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Justiin A Davis, model/ actor booked his  first commercial at the age of 3 and has appeared in print and broadcast ads for major companies such as Apple, Coca Cola, Macy's, Nike, Verizon Wireless KFC and many other.

Davis made his big-screen debut in Pelham 123, alongside Denzel Washington. He has also made numerous television appearances in acclaimed series, including The Good Wife, Law & Order, Sopranos, and Everwood.

In 2011, Davis was cast as Lester White on HBO's Emmy winning drama, Boardwalk Empire. "As the young son of gangster and bootlegger, Chalky White, played by Michael K. Williams, Justiin proves that he is definitely one to watch out for." In the same year Davis appeared in 2 television shows, 8 national commercials, several print campaigns and obtained his Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts with a focus in acting.

Outside of acting Davis is working on building and Arts program for New York's 200 year old Mission Society which works with inner city school. He plans on bringing the arts to kids who, like him, weren't always told their dreams could be a reality.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


B.Scott is an androgenous internet personality who gained exposure with his popular videos on YouTube and his personal website, B. Scott's internet presence has contributed to his ability to interview celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Ne-Yo, Chaka Khan, Eva Marcielle,  Aubrey O'Day, Marcus Patrick and Ashanti

Following his Internet-based success, B. Scott writes a monthly column for Ebony magazine and  has begun to appear in mainstream media, making appearances on The Tyra Banks Show, Housewives of Atlanta, Dr. Drew, and Oxygen (TV channel). he also made a cameo appearance in the new Patrik-Ian Polk film, The Skinny.

It was B.Scott's work on the internet that inspired me to start doing videos for my blog.  When he contacted  me to photograph him for his upcoming appearance on Bravo's Roble` and Co. I was very excited. He wanted large blown up images  of him looking looking classic and beautiful and he felt my style of work was perfect. 

 me and b.scott after our shoot.

Friday, August 3, 2012


before you read this be advised that this is my opinion based on my own personal experiences.

an open call is a specific time that the agency sets aside (generally once a week) to see new talent, who are permitted to just walk in without an appointment or prior comp card submission. This is most common for the fashion agencies in larger markets like New York and Los Angeles. If you are a black model, don't waste your time.

Getting clients to book black models is triple the effort and pays a lot less than their white counterparts. No one is looking to work hard for less so they are not looking for you. no matter how amazing you are, you look like more work for less pay. Who do you think wants to work hard for one so don't waste your time.

They are  looking for easy money....if you are not white, you are not easy money.

Often time you never get to see real are seen by interns. Its  their job to filter out the riff-raff.

I don't know of any black models who got signed to an agency by going to open calls. It is better to just email your pics. They check every email and its in front of them a lot longer than you would be  at an open call.  If they like what they see they will set up an appointment to see you in person that is not on open call day.

At the end of the day its all business. Agencies are trying to make money...white models are easier money, black models are hard work. No one wants to work hard for less.

2. LOOSEN UP. (this is for the fellas)
Black models (esp. males) are alot more stiff and controlling than their white counterparts. The white guys I have  photographed tend to be more open and  less afraid to to look silly. The black guys  tend to be more stiff and  "posey" and more focused on looking cool. Its the  reason why fashion people hate pageant girls.... there main focus is to be their idea of what pretty is and that  usually gets in the way of  creating a great image.

They expect you to be late so don't live up to any negative expectation.....especially the one where black people never show up to anything on time. Being late is costing someone a lot of money, don't let your career be the price.....

You are representing ALL black people whether you want to or not. That means you  must be onpoint at all times. That one or two black faces in campaigns, editorials, and on runways  is the industry's way of representing Black people in their branding.  If you drop the ball by being late, having a bad attitude, not taking care of yourself, or doing anything that can be interpreted as negative, your actions will affect the client's decision to book another black model. You will never hear a client say "The last time we booked a blonde girl she was late with a difficult attitude and we just dont want to deal with that this time."

If you are trying to get signed, agencies are looking for  fresh and new faces to send to clients. you need pics that make you look fresh and new. Its kind of hard to seem "new" if you over saturate yourself  by testing with every GWC (goon with camera) who is free. The biggest mistake in this industry is to have bad pictures floating around that create a negative image  for you. If you are trying to sign with an agency, clean images with you  wearing basic clothing in natural light work best for that. These images show  agents that you are photogenic and allow them to visualize the type of clients they should send you too. After getting signed, the agents will then send you to select photographers  to create appropriate images to attract clients to help you land jobs.

If a booker says you need "stronger" images that is their nice way of saying NO! They don't see immediate money making potential with you.

The only way I would advise models to step outside of the agency to shoot with photographers not referred by their booker is when the collection of  images  in their portfolio generate no response by the client or  if your portfolio looks identical to all the other guys at the agency. Its kind of difficult to stand out in front of the client if your book looks the same as the previous models they meet with. Clients  see hundreds of models to select  the few they need for the job. You need images that set you apart from the rest and  inspire the client. Expect to pay for  top quality work because its an investment in your career.

Most models don't have an informed eye to know good imagery. When selecting a photographer to work with look at the portfolios of the models who previously booked the jobs and try to work with the same people they worked with. The client was obviously inspired by the images and maybe the formula might work for you too.


Three years before appearing on Cycle 18 of America's Next Top Model, Ashley Livingston, better known as, AzMarie stepped  in front of my lens and with the collaboration of makeup artist Crystal Clark created some timeless, beautiful images. After ANTM, I got a phone call from AzMarie letting me know she would be in town to film a movie and work on her album and if i would be interested  in reuniting to shoot again. HELL YES!!!

After sitting down with AzMarie and she  informed me of her plans to concentrate  mainly on her music and acting, I decided to keep things simple and capture images that were more true to who she really is.... so she could use the images to promote her future projects.

Along with working on her upcoming album, AzMarie  has joined the cast of  gay tv drama DTLA: Downtown Los Angeles as the role of Ricki, the girlfriend to Melanie Griffith's character Kimberley.

I love the simplicity of her beauty and the complexities of her merges well. In a sea of models who look like clones of each other with "blank canvas" personalities, AzMarie is one of the coolest  and most interesting models to have stepped in front of my camera.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I had the wonderful opportunity to do a portrait session with superstar model Kerry Degman of  Soul Artist Mgmt.

Kerry Degman's youthful face and masculine physique has graced the covers of magazines and brand ambassador for major fashion labels like JC Penny, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Armani Exchange. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

actor/dancer JOE SLAUGHTER @ Soul Artist Mgmt.

I am a big fan of dance movies so it was a real treat  to work with actor/ dancer/ model Joe Slaughter who is currently represented by Soul Artist Mgmt. in New York City. he first caught my attention when he joined the cast of the third movie in the Step Up dance movie franchise, Step Up 3D, playing the role of Julien (the villian).

the final dance battle from the movie Step Up 3D

With his gorgeous blue eyes and curly blonde hair, Joe Slaughter is probably one of the most beautiful faces I have yet to capture in front of my lens. His energy and spirit was also great to be around. The images we created were simple and quick but stunningly beautiful. I can't stop staring at them.

 I really enjoyed working with him and I can't wait to work with him again.