Wednesday, June 17, 2009

one to watch: Andrew Ruffin @ red models nyc

fresh from Temple University, this new face at Red Models is already making waves in Milan.

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Andrew Ruffin@ Red Models NYC
styled by Tarrice Love

instead of stressing about not having access to the latest designer duds, I decided to use my creative brain and take advantage of my resources. My granny told me to use my natural God-given gifts. When Andrew arrived, we walked to the bargain store on fulton near my house and i bought some cheap ass t-shirts, them $2 fishnet looking wifebeaters, and duct tape. I totally wnet freestyle on Andrew and had fun mixing crazy ideas with the clothes i had in my closet. The results were amazing. My favorite was when i wrapped his nearly naked body in plastic trash bags and started ripping it off of him.

Andrew was brand new in front of the camera. Having only been with Red models for one week... he moved like a seasoned pro. I enjoyed working with andrew and cannot wait to work with him again.


  1. I like the picture with the garbage bag around his waist, very creative.


  2. The bag shot is NUTS! Incredible work once again T Love