Wednesday, May 4, 2016

IT STARTED HERE: Darius Williams @ Soul Artist Mgmt.

I met fitness/ commercial model Darius Williams in the summer of 2011. He had just moved to NYC from Louisiana and reached out to me hoping we could work together. The minute i met him I saw something in him and was interested in working with him.

In the beginning it was tough. Darius isn't the typical skinny fashion model type...he's got a lotta junk in the trunk. A lot of people in this industry wasn't really interested in working with a black guy, especially one his size. I didnt care, I was up for the challenge of creating work that show he was marketable and could sell products..... I believed in him.


Despite all the odds that Darius faced, he was dedicated and believed in himself. His drive, focus, and  "never quit" attitude helped him get signed to one of the top men's agencies in the world and work with major commercial and fitness brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, Macy's, Reebok, Target, and 2Xist underwear. Many times when models start booking jobs, they tend to dismiss the people who believed in them in the beginning. They don't want to diminish their "brand." Darius wasn't that type of guy. He remained humbled and treated me the same. Maybe its a southern thang because both of us are proud southerners.

Darrius Williams  is currently represented by Soul Artist Mgmt.

Currently Darius is transitioning into a career in fitness and lifestyle training. He is merging his passion for fitness and southern charm into a career that is fulfilling for him. He enjoys helping other people reach their goals for a better body and a healthier lifestyle. 

I am so happy for all of Darius success in modeling and I wish him continued success in his new endeavors in fitness. You can follow Darius on instagram at @darius_williams11

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