Wednesday, August 26, 2009

introducing Azmarie @ Identities Models Inc.

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Azmarie @ Identities Models Inc
styled by me - Tarrice Love
makeup by  Crystal Clark

I first saw Azmarie in photos that photographer Shameer Khan shot and I thought she was amazingly beautiful and I immediately wanted to work with her. I called Tim at Identities and set it up. I noticed that most of the photographers who have shot her kinda focused on the obvious toughness of her beauty. I wanted to do images that focused on her girlieness and make people appreciate her feminine power. I wanted to do 2 fashion looks and a beauty shot. I was inspired by the power women of the 80's and wanted the looks to be strong. I asked Crystal Clark to stop thru and do the makeup for me. We have a great chemistry and Crystal understands my aesthetic. I styled and designed her looks and the accessories myself.

Check out the results of our collaboration....

Christian Dubosse @ Basic Model mgmt.

Christian was a college student studying accounting when I first met him. I immediately started developing him. I shot him almost every Saturday morning for about 5 months before he began searching for representation. He was quickly picked up by Basic Model mgmt. He's done a few shows during the last few fashion weeks and a few magazine editorials. I anticipate a big demand for his look this upcoming fashion week. I am very excited to see what Christian does this time around and I wish him much success.

pictorial #009 - BODY swimwear by Keva J

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Gabraella @ Click Models
styled by Sergio Dior
swimwear by Keva J
makeup Theresa Francine
Hair by Shari

Friday, August 21, 2009

more of BET's College HIll's(ATL) Dorion Standberry @ Click Models (atl)

here are more of my images of the transformation of Dorion Standberry.

these images were styled by me

I shot model/ actor Dorion Standberry, who first aclaimed fame as one of the cast members of BET's reality series College Hill. Now he's in L.A pursuing a career in acting and modeling. He's currently represented by Click Models in Atlanta, CESD in L.A and looking for representation in other markets such was New York and Miami. He has actively been booking commercial work in his current residence of L.A and turned to me to give his book a more "NY" feeling. Check out the shots and tell me what you think.

these images were styled by laron howard

Monday, August 17, 2009

introducing Gene Grady @ Identities NYC

Here is my latest find - Eugene (Gene) Grady from Philly. This skateboarder/ student at Temple University recently caught my attention on the model website modelmayhem. I shot him for my Surface magazine submission and recently shot him for my other projects. He is very laidback and cool to work with. He recently signed with Tim Harris at Identities NYC. I cain't wait to see what lies ahead for this cool dude. More to come from our collaboration.

The images feature where also styled by me. I was gonna lie and makeup a "ghost-stylist" because ppl seem less impressed when I design and style shoots myself but I was like why should I be made to feel like i gotta lie - I did the work. I deserve to take full credit for being able to style and photograph my visions.

a new begining... Jay McGee @ D1 Model mgmt.

You may recognize Jay McGee as the black guy from season one of Bravo's Make Me A Supermodel season one.My challenge working with Jay was to bring some heat to his portfolio. I am starting to get really tired of seeing boring, plain images in models portfolios especially the black ones.

When I first came to nyc, the portrayal of black male models was very street niggas or like very safe sexless token blacks. I refused to encourage such a 1 dimensional idea with my images.

I look thru model's portfolio and try to fill the void that is missing. For Jay, the elements that were missing from his portfolio was strength and sex appeal. I felt like after looking thru his portfolio I felt like he could easily be forgotten about when viewed by casting agents and the people who make decisions about booking models for jobs. The guys who book the jobs have portfolios that present them in a desirable way and the blogs reinforce their desirability. I tried to bring that element to Jay's portfolio because it was badly needed.

On the show, the portrayal of Jay was very plain and boring. It seems like everyone who shot him reinforced the plain and boring side of Jay. I wanted a stronger sexier side of Jay.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Me & Brian Peters Cover NUOVO MAGAZINE

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Brian Peters @ Ford Models NYC
styled by Jason Rembert
assisted by Tyshon Bowe
clothing by Edwing D'Angelo

check out the interview with Brian Peters and the rest of the editorial -


The new season of Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew premiered on August 9th with an amazing performance by the first openly gay and transgender dance crew takes the stage. Dashaun Westley is a member of the popular dance crew Vogue Evolution. They are one of nine teams competing for the title of America's best dance crew. Dashaun is also a model and actor whom I recently had the pleasure of working with. He was great to work with and very professional.

The Vogue Evolution squad is also a community-focused organization, using dance to educate and empower gay youth of color. Their style is a mixture of historic New York City ball culture and hip hop dance.

Dance crews on America's Best Dance Crew compete in themed challenges each week, some within their genre of dance and others that challenge the crews' versatility. Nearly 20 million votes were cast in the season three finale, and there is little reason to believe the show's popularity will wane in season four, exposing the ball scene and the openly-LGBT youth that have crafted it to millions of Americans.

Check out and vote for Vogue Evolution every week on MTV...
they are amazing to watch....see the clip below and you'll understand why I think they will go far in this competition.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i'm heading in the right direction...

yesterday i recieved the following message below....

i had to email you! after reading your blog, i was compelled. not just from one Taurus or southerner to another, but the artist mind predominates :-)...i adore your passion. i'm from dallas, tx originally moved to nyc a year ago to pursue my passion for music and entertainment. wont give you the life story, just enough to make you wanna google ;-) but honestly, i find you, your vlogs and your vision so necessary and refreshing...dare i say empowering? i extend nothing but the greatest successes to you and i would love to meet with you one day and grab coffee. i LOVE meeting awesome people, and i've been craving a little southern hospitality since i touched east! so help me out already! lol give me a shout when time permits and i send pleasant thoughts til then.


when i get messages like this, it just lets me know my hard work and all the sacrifices i make are worth it. I am heading down the right path....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

pictorial #008 ...ON A GOOD DAY feat. Dorion Standberry

Model and actor Dorion Standberry walked into my studio and all I knew I wanted to do something with him that would present him in a different light from his portrayal on BET's College Hill ATL. Check out the shots and tell me what you think....

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Dorion Standberry @ Click Model mgmt.(atl)
styled by Tarrice Love