Friday, February 11, 2011

BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL featuring ATAUI DENG @ Trump Mgmt.NY, Elite Paris/ Milan

I have had the pleasure of working with Ataui Deng @ Trump Mgmt NY and Elite Paris/ Milan. I think she is amazing and from the moment I first met her, she left an instant lasting impression on me.  She is definitely one of those women who has "it" factor. She is a balance mix of commercial and editorial. She has appeared in countless editorials for top fashion magazines as well as campaigns for commercial clients like Macy's (with Andre Douglas). I am especially happy and honored to know that our work together is featured on her compcard and contributed to her successful season in Paris. I love working with Ataui and look forward to more projects with her soon.

here she is featured on Fashion TV :)


Ataui is poping up everywhere....

she's even on the side of buses .....LOL!


  1. aww I love these photos and she seems like such a sweet girl.

  2. Tarrice, these are gorgeous and I have seen many of these print ads with Ataui Deng, she is stunning. Her skin alone is luminescence!

    Thank you for sharing, you have a new fan in me.