Friday, May 7, 2010

introducing ASHLEE DESIRE @ Major Model Mgmt - Germany

Ashlee Desire @ Major Model Mgmt./ Munich

Coming from California, Ashlee Desire, currently represented by Major model Mgmt. in Munich, Germany, brings a fresh energy to New York that inspires everyone she comes in contact with. I met Ashlee in 2007 at a fashion show in Times Square. She scared me - yelling and clapping at the the models. I thought she was gonna snatch one of the guys off the catwalk when they walked out in a barely there speedos, LOL.  When she realized she was sitting next to me in the front row, she insisted I look at her book ( she actually had it with her). Her book was amazing and her energy was so exciting and fun - we exchanged phone numbers and now in 2010 we came together to create some great fashion shots.
Ashlee Desire ( yes, thats her real name) is a really good model who can quickly give you hard fierce and in the blink of an eye become soft and demure. She was in NY for a few days working and stopped by my place the morning she was to fly back to Munich, her new home. All i can say is she kill'd it. We put together some really great pics. 

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring ASHLEE DESIRE @ Major Model Mgmt.
clothing designed by Ester Perbandt and H&M
styling/ grooming by Tarrice Love
tarrice love feat. ashlee desire @ major model mgmt. from tarrice love on Vimeo.



  1. When Talent meets Talent. I like how you embraced the lovely freckles she has!

  2. The shots are hot - they bring out her incredible strength yet keep a sexy femininity...this is what you DO bro! And the video...maaaan, THAT'S why this blog is essential to every model out there: insightful, brutally honest convo from those who are in the Industry trenches in a daily basis.