Tuesday, May 11, 2010

another brotha named Brandon: BRANDON ESPY @ L.A Models

Brandon Espy @ L.A. Models

So far I have photographed approximately 20 black models named Brandon. LOL This one came all the way from California -  Brandon Espy is currently represented by L.A Models. During his visit to NY to meet with modeling agencies and test with photographers, I had the opportunity to test with him as well. My good friend, photographer Gregory Prescott recommended that I shoot with him as well as his mother agent Michael Maddox. As soon as I opened my door, I understood why. He was star-quality stunning - very tall, very handsome, and a smile that lit up my hallway. I could here my momma's voice in my head going "whooooooo-wheee!"  (my momma is crazy, but she know what she like, lol)

I ended up working with Brandon twice during his NY visit. The first time, my objective was to shoot a great head shot and body shot. I decided to experiment with natural light... something I don't do often. I did some casual lounging around in my living room  eating Rice Krispies. The second time we worked together I decided to shoot him on the streets of Brooklyn wearing suits. I wanted him to have something authentic of NY that he couldn't get in LA. I also wanted to give him something I didn't see in his portfolio. His look reminded me of movie stars so I wanted his images to look like movie stills. The pictures turned out beautiful. I enjoyed working with Brandon and I look forward to us working together again.

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring BRANDON ESPY @ L.A. Models
clothing designed by Zara NY
styling/ grooming by Tarrice Love

Brandon Espy @ L.A. Models


  1. Damn, the 1st 2 shots are fucking-fantastic. The whole series is great but those two are my favorites

  2. my girlfriends and I would love to see model marcus hill and Brandon espy do a shoot together nude they are our best looking black male model. they are beyond phine and have beautiful afro-centre lips ten plus body.