Saturday, May 29, 2010

MODEL DEVELOPMENT: (MOASM) Making of a Supermodel

It all starts somewhere.

Before they were signed to the top agencies, shooting with the biggest photographers in the world, gracing the pages of  the top magazines, and appeared in the campaigns of the leading designers - Many of theses guys and girls were just regular people who never really imagined themselves with a career in modeling ....

I have helped these individuals without my hand out and no expectation of payment - Some people think I am foolish for not attempting on cashing-in on my ability see potential in people and their success. Sometimes I think I am stupid for not trying to make extra money off helping them especially after the way some of them treat me after they get what they want out of it. I help them because I am able to...because I can. I just wanna see people excel and if my work can contribute to their lives in a positive way.... that's payment enough for me.

I found Chris waiting tables in Chili's near the University of Memphis. Worked with him for months, helping him develop strong enough images to sign with an agency in NYC. Chris has appeared in  L'uomo Vogue with Bruce Weber, GQ, Complex, Trace Magazine and Details  

I found Brian in the parking lot at FedEx in Memphis, Tn - where both of us was employed. We worked together almost every weekend for almost 2 years before he arrived in NY to sign with Ford NYC. For the past 2 years, Brian's been on hold and option for damn-near every major campaign from The Gap to Givenchy. He's done commercial work for Target, JC Penny, Macy's and landed campaigns for SouthPole.

I met Tiffany in college while designing the stage set for the campus fashion show. We became life long friends   and worked together for years before she took the images to agencies and signed with Ford  L.A/Robert Black Agency-AZ

DURAN BUNCH @ Wilhelmina Models NYC
A mutual friend refer us to work together - I remember like it was yesterday when Duran Bunch called and said "Hi, i'm Duran...I heard you was lookin' for some white boys, well, I'm white..." LMAO! Duran would ride his motorcycle from Nashville to my home in Memphis to get strong enough images to attract the interest of Wilhemina Models NYC. Duran has stomped it out on the runway for nearly all the top designers in Paris, Milan, and London. He also has been photographed the biggest photographers in the business including Stephen Miesel and Steven Klein... 

ANDRE` DOUGLAS @ Wilhelmina Models NYC
I met Andre` Douglas through the internet years ago when he was a college basketball player in Lawrenceville, Ga. By the time he was able to come to Memphis to shoot with me - I was in the process of moving to NYC. I told him that if he wanted to work with me, he had to come to NY. He maxed-out his credit card for a plane ticket to NYC and crashed at my place....with a broke foot. Since those days, Andre has done campaigns for Abercombie and Finch, Levi's, I.N.C, Bloomingdales, Southpole and D-Squared. He also graced the pages of GQ, Vibe Magazine and the runways of top designers in Paris, Milan, and New York. 

I found Geremy Alexander during my last visit home. A model friend was recommending I work with one of his friends on his Myspace page. I contacted Geremy but later realized he wasn't the person the model was refering.... but I liked Geremy more. After I shot him, agents saw the images and became interested. He flew up here accompanied by his grandmother to eventually sign with Fusion Models NYC. Since then, he has walked shows during fashion week, shot the video intro of Beyonce's I Am....Tour, done the PellePelle campaign and the cover of Bleu Magazine.

Top model Lamar James recommended me as the photographer to work with to Rumondo Kelley when he first arrived to NY from Atlanta. When I met him,  he had done a few independent movies and a few really bad test shoots. He needed something that captured his energy and had "New York edge." I worked with him and help develop a strong presentation  that set the tone of his portfolio and we  became instant friends. Rumando is the face of Austrilian clothier Coogi, as well as one of the top commercial model earners. He is one of the few models I know that makes a living modeling (without a side job)

I first started working with Kortney Wailliams - Hopkins after we found each other on the website Modelmayhem. He told me that the worked we did together caught the attention of famed photographer Francois Rousseau for a major editorial and his latest book. He has also walked the runways for numerous designers in NY and Paris. He also has his own t-shirt line called INSpired. He is currently represented by Boss Models NYC 

Laurence McCrea was a young cat I worked with - trying to help him develop the strongest presentation possible for agency representation. As soon as I posted him on my blog as a face to watch out for, mother agent Shameer Khan @ Krush Model Mgmt snatched him up and placed him with Next Model Mgmt. Since getting signed, Laurence as appeared on the Bravo's reality tv show Kell on Earth, as well as appearing in the pages of Esquire Magazine and French GQ, and walked the runways for shows during fashion week. 

I met Brandon Parker on the set of a editorial I was shooting for Uptown Magazine. He was the prepper for the stylist. We exchanged contact info and started shooting together shortly after. I helped Brandon get a set of images that helped him get signed to Ford NY. Since signing he's landed gigs with Complex Magazine, Trace Magazine, Viv Magazine as well as walking the runway for Elie Tahari during fashion week

I met Courtney Steele (brother of ESPN sportscaster Sage Steele) when he moved to NY to pursue representation in NY. We instantly hit it off and worked together to get him images that snagged him representation with Mint Model Mgmt and Base Models in South Africa. He recently graced the cover of GQ South Africa's Style issue along with an 8 page editorial inside.

GENE GRADY @ Major Model Mgmt.
I found Temple University student Gene Grady on the modeling network website, Modelmayhem. I shot him for my submission to the Surface Magazine Avant Guardian competition. Crashing on my couch in between computing from Philly to NYC - I helped him develop the images that presented him in a more polished and expensive way that quickly attracted agents and top photographers. He quickly landed his first campaign for PellePelle and editorials for countless online magazines.  Currently Gene Grady is represented by Major Model Mgmt.

ISAIAH COLBERT @ Red Model Mgmt.
I also found Isaiah Colbert on the model network website, Modelmayhem. I saw something unique and special in him and wanted to help develop a strong presentation that attract the interest of NY agency representation. As so as he got the images in his possession, his girlfriend submitted them a few agency. Red Models quickly snatched him up. Since then, he's appeared in a magazine editorials and walked runways for many upcoming designers in NY.


  1. wonderful work! its nice to hear stories about generous photographers and models who made it... all around inspiring!

  2. Are there two models going by the name Brandon Parker? The one you have pictured above is not the one I'm thinking of....

  3. Tarrice,

    Thank you. I have been a fan and followed your work since you shot Ben Thompson (a distant relative). Congratulations! I think you do amazing work and love that you are invested in helping start people's careers-- just because.

    I too, get some flack for helping people for free. I am a classically trained actor who lived in L.A for a bit and had some decent connections in the biz there. Since returning to Memphis a few years ago, I have arranged to connect people with industry folk there. And I continue to meet strangers whom I recommend call The Colors Agency here in Memphis-- simply based on their having a certain look and/or a bit of charisma. I get nothing from it- except that satisfaction of connecting people.

    It just seems like the right thing to do. I try to be the person I would have wanted in my life when I was first starting out.

    Again, thank you (in case no one says it enough). God bless, and continued success to you-- surely, prosperity and success are the fruits of generosity and charity!

    Jamie Mann

  4. Hello Mr. Love, You are amazing! My son is interested in modeling but need someone like you to tell him if he has a chance or not. May I send you pictures? If you think he has potential,I will get him to New York. Looking at the pictures of the male models posted, you definitely have a good eye for talent. He is 21 yrs old and athletic built.

    Thank you