Monday, August 17, 2009

a new begining... Jay McGee @ D1 Model mgmt.

You may recognize Jay McGee as the black guy from season one of Bravo's Make Me A Supermodel season one.My challenge working with Jay was to bring some heat to his portfolio. I am starting to get really tired of seeing boring, plain images in models portfolios especially the black ones.

When I first came to nyc, the portrayal of black male models was very street niggas or like very safe sexless token blacks. I refused to encourage such a 1 dimensional idea with my images.

I look thru model's portfolio and try to fill the void that is missing. For Jay, the elements that were missing from his portfolio was strength and sex appeal. I felt like after looking thru his portfolio I felt like he could easily be forgotten about when viewed by casting agents and the people who make decisions about booking models for jobs. The guys who book the jobs have portfolios that present them in a desirable way and the blogs reinforce their desirability. I tried to bring that element to Jay's portfolio because it was badly needed.

On the show, the portrayal of Jay was very plain and boring. It seems like everyone who shot him reinforced the plain and boring side of Jay. I wanted a stronger sexier side of Jay.

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  1. stronger. sexier. yessss...

    seriously, you've given jay a diversity in his images that i've never seen. i remember watching the show thinking, "they don't know what they're doing with him." now i see i was right.

    more hot shit from brill.