Thursday, December 15, 2011

I AM CHAD WHITE @ Soul Artist Mgmt.

One day I was chatting with my best friend on the phone and she was going on and on about  the universe and if I want something I should put it out into the universe and I will get it. so I decided to compile a list of people i want to work with one day and i did so on facebook (see dream list). I also tagged the people and their agents to the list. After that Jason Kanner from Soul Artist management saw the list and offered to send as many of their models on the list. The first person he sent was supermodel Chad White.

I was so nervous. What do you do with a model who has photographed with all the greats? 
so i decided to customize something just for him. I googled him and I saw a runway image of him in the D-Squared show dressed in a white motorcycle jumper and ran out and got the closest thing I could afford which was a white painter's jumper from Home Depot. The whole time I was planning his shoot I was thinking "wow, i caint believe i'm finna shoot Chad White."

many of you may recognize his face from major campaigns like Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss and magazine covers and editorials shot by amazing photographers like Steven Klein, Steven Miesel, and Francois Rousseau

When he arrived, he was on time ( 2pm on the dot) and he was gracious and polite. He whipped out his phone and turned it off and put it in his bag. It was the first time I noticed a model doing that. I am accustom to models walking thru the door texting and twittering and facebooking but he showed respect by putting his phone away. I know for me, I never  use my phone during a shoot so I can give the person in front of my camera  my full attention. 

We sat and chatted about modeling, his numerous photoshoot experiences with the Stevens (Miesel and Klein), our families, his dogs and motor bikes, and food (we both looooove food). In front of the camera I told him to  give me some of that "Chad White shit" - and he  just started moving like he could read my mind. I really had fun working with him and I can't wait to work with him again. Next time imma make sure to get some full length shot because  he has the best legs ever.

Special thanks to Jason Kanner for sending him to me ...... thanks!!!

ps. Chad, you left your baseball cap.... i'll hold on to it for you ;)


  1. You did well by him or is it the other way around? :-)

  2. These are lovely photos! I'd love to see more shoot you do with Chad White again.

  3. These photos as everywhere. I didn't even realize they were by you until I came here. Well done. They're really cool. btw you're the one doing him a favor at this point, not the other way around. But, ya, he's a legend. Wish he would work more.

  4. you should post these photos in HQ ;)