Monday, December 5, 2011


model: Jeremy Rosado @ Boss Models NYC
(photography and styling: Tarrice Love)

I met Jeremy Rosado during an editorial shoot I did for AMMO magazine. I really enjoyed working with all of the guys that day but he was the only one that never had a one on one session with me. We exchanged contacts and proceeded to set something up.  At the time my relationship with  booker was "strained" so we set the shoot up directly with each other.

Jeremy has beautiful face and an amazing body.  I wanted to do images that show'd his sensual side that compliments his physical strengths. So i decided to shoot him in with a natural light theme using my favorite magazines with black models as a way to pay homage to their black beauty. Jeremy's character is obsessed with black women so much so  that he has daydreams about them. He was completely open to the concept  and took direction well. He fell into character so convincingly that he fell asleep on the floor during the shoot. The results turned out beautiful and I hope y'all like them.

model: Jeremy Rosado @ Boss Models NYC
(photography and styling: Tarrice Love)