Monday, August 17, 2009

introducing Gene Grady @ Identities NYC

Here is my latest find - Eugene (Gene) Grady from Philly. This skateboarder/ student at Temple University recently caught my attention on the model website modelmayhem. I shot him for my Surface magazine submission and recently shot him for my other projects. He is very laidback and cool to work with. He recently signed with Tim Harris at Identities NYC. I cain't wait to see what lies ahead for this cool dude. More to come from our collaboration.

The images feature where also styled by me. I was gonna lie and makeup a "ghost-stylist" because ppl seem less impressed when I design and style shoots myself but I was like why should I be made to feel like i gotta lie - I did the work. I deserve to take full credit for being able to style and photograph my visions.

1 comment:

  1. i cant believe no one commented on this....this is immaculate...and what's amazing is the story as to how this outfit was put together...

    GREAT JOB...

    P.S. i didnt realize this guy was the same guy from your submission