Sunday, June 7, 2009


I met Sandhurst thru the modeling network site modelmayhem. He hit me up first about doing a test shoot with him. I sent him a copy paste response telling him to check my rates on my website. As months went by I kept going back to view his pics and one day I just decided to give him a free test. so later we arranged the session. Sandhurst sent me an email informing me that he was chosen to compete in Bravo television's Make Me A Supermodel hosted by supermodel ledgend Tyson Beckford. He told me as soon as he was able to, he'd hit me up and we can make this happen.

check out his blog site -

In the past, I had been blown off by other models from these model reality shows, so I expected the same from Sandhurst. One day I got a message from Sandhurst informing me that he ready to shoot the next time he was in NYC. We had a few phone and internet exchanges to set up his first shoot with me. I was excited.

He arrived at my doorstep with a big ole grin on his face. He grabbed me and hugged me and told me how "tiny" I was and he expected me to be much bigger. lol. He told me how he had been following my work since he was 14 years old. I was surprised. I really didn't realize how many people were paying attention to what I do especially before I moved to NYC.

Working with Sandhurst was great. He performed effortlessly despite enduring wearing a corduroy suit in extremely hot weather, hunger, and onlookers. After the shoot we took our hungry ass to Popeye's Chicken to eat everything we had no business eating.

I think Sandhurst is destined to do great things in this industry andI'm glad I had the opportunity to work with him.

Sandhurst was one of the finally three contestants on the show. At first I didn't expect him to make it so far more so because he was black. His consistantly good performance had me more hopeful, week after week I had my fingers crossed. He didn't win but in my eyes he was the winner. Congratulations to the most deserving muthaphuxah I know, lol!


  1. Cool You got the Opp. to shoot with him...seems like a really cool dude..did a great job on the show

  2. You didn't expect him to make it far because he was black? You are so ignorant and will NEVER EVER EVER be a success with that mentality. It's 2009 - anyone who still uses being black as an excuse is simply...NOT TALENTED.

    Sandhurst was TALENTED so he made it far.

    Case closed.

  3. it is 2009 and we still have yet to see a black model as the face of many high fashion campaigns like prada, dolce and gabbana, armani, jill sanders and the list goes on.

    why is that?
    ...naomi was the first black face on the front of W magazine. why is that?

    ask any black male model why they arent considered for the same jobs as their white counterparts with the same rate. still in 2009 many of the black models working make less than their white counterparts.

    i am black in this industry and to make it as far as I have gotten, i understand that in 2009, i haveta be 10 times better than my white counterparts. Sandhurst should have won. He was great in front of the camera. He consistantly delivered an excellent performance on the catwalk. At all times, he conducted himself with the most professionalism....
    Sandhurst (like most black male models) was going to be a harder sell to clients than that white boy who won. Being black wasn't why he didn't win but trust me, it was a 2009.

  4. Whoever "BLACKISNOTANEXCUSE" is is really ignorant, are you a model, have you ever been familiar with the modeling industry, because if you had any knowledge about what Tarrice was saying than you would understand that HOLLYWOOD and the entertainment industry as a whole is STILL VERY RACIST. Ill take it a whole notch up, They are completely racist, we have failed to see models, actors, actresses with Real and a high caliber of talent to grace magazines, television screens, and movie films because even in 2009 we have not gained the full understanding that BLACK people in general are still struggling for equal representation. Case and Point to adjourn this whole topic to address BLACKISNOTANEXCUSE's ignorance Name (5) prominent entertainers who have entered the entertainment industry in the last 5 years and that have a career! Better yet name 5 black models whom are household names, (Ill wait) and while I do keep waiting, reflect upon your simple small paradigm!

  5. I really hope I get to meet you one day, Tarrice.