Sunday, June 21, 2009


With my images I celebrate artistry and the individuals I work with by always giving my maximum best. I understand the power I hold as a young photographer in this industry and I'm not quick to settle or compromise the direction I want to go as an artist. I watch so many other photographer, talented artists, and models totally compromise their voice and surrender themselves to this industry and wonder why they aren't getting the most out of it.

I also understanding that working together makes anything we try to do more powerful. I want y'all to think about the power you have.... align yourself with individuals you believe build and make you stronger and better....and ultimately more powerful.

As a child, i read success stories and biographies of talents in this industry so I could better understand what I am up against. I decided to post this documentary about Naomi Campbell as a testament of the power you have in this industry. I want people of color who aspire to be successful in this industry to understand what one person in this industry can accomplish if you know your worth!


  1. I usually come to your page, look at the flicks and leave. For some reason I read this post and it is staying with me today. Good post and thank you. Not just for your post but for your blog, your work, and being an inspiration to a newbie in the industry.

    xo, Dani