Friday, June 19, 2009


Yesterday I received a written thank you from Jared Cameron, a new model whom I extended a free test shoot to. I realized that this was one of the first times i received a "formal" written out thank you from a model who hadn't paid me. It meant so much to me that someone took extra time to express their sincere thank you. The entire time I've been in NYC, and all the models I have shot, developed, and helped - this is the third time I received a "formal" expression of thanks ( Pierre Woods and Brandon Parker have both sent me thank you emails, invited me to eat, and bought me things). It would be nice if more of the models who use my images to get them signed to agencies, and help get them jobs would show some appreciation beyond a casual verbal thank you or an impersonal text message. It would be esp. nice to get the recognition from the black models whom I have worked so hard to help.

I think what is the saddest is that people who think " we are cool" feel that a thank you isn't necessary, but think i means the most from them. I constantly remind myself that people who help you out and do nice things for you, don't have too. It is a previlige to find people who will extend themselves beyond their obligations to do something for you. You should thank them every chance you get.

I decided to take this time to thank a few people in my NY life who deserve to know how much I love them and appreciate the things they have done for me. These people have extended their friendship and their helping hand to me in ways the people who call themselves my close friends have never done for me. Without their help and support, I wouldn't be where i'm at now.


tffany fairfield and photographer/ model william springfield
i met Will in 2001 during my first trip to NYC. It was right after 9/11 and I had come up here for an art show that was to feature some of my work. Me and Will were chat buddies on black planet ( i know y'all remember that). After that my friend Tiffany Fairfield paid for Will's transportation to come to Memphis to shoot with me. He stayed the weekend at my Granny's houses. As the years went by, he kept trying to convince me to come to back New York - that I was waaaaay too talented to waste it in Memphis.
In 2006, I decided to take him up on his offer to visit. That weekend quickly turned into another week vacation that summer. Will was commuting back and forth to LA for acting stuff and he extended his apartment in the Bronx to me if I should decide to make ny my new home. I decided to take a leap out on faith - I transferred to the ny fedex and lived with Will for almost a year.

Thank you William for encouraging me to always push myself outside the box I created for myself. Your energy and creativity inspires me and I appreciate everything you have done for me. If you had never extended your home to me, I would probably still be in Memphis fighting to create a nitch for myself. I have learned soooo much from you.


After a year with Will, I moved into a apartment in Brooklyn with a friend from Memphis. The lease expired and he didn't want to renew it so I was stuck with a few days to find a place to stay with no money in the winter time in NYC. Tiffany sent me the money for the security deposit for a place I found on Craig's list. If it wasn't for her sending me the money with no questions asked, I would have had to move back to Memphis. I get teary-eyed thinking about how I know of no one that would do that for me...esp the people whom I considered my best-friends.


me and photographer itaysha jordan
Summer of 2006 , my camera was stolen out of the trunk of my cousin's car in Soho the second day of my week vacation in NYC. Itaysha had already helped me get a really good girl to shoot and she had asked celebrity fashion hairstylist, Dante Blanshaw to work with me. After my camera got stolen she offered me her camera and use of her studio so i could continue shooting While I was in NYC. I thank her for all her help and support.
She showed me that you can be friends with other creative people who are grinding and doing the same things and be secure in what you bring to industry without being threatened by others. After I returned home, I put a donation thing on my website to raise money for a new camera. It surprised me that almost none of the people whom I called my friends showed no signs of support and watched as I struggled to try to make things happen. Within a week I had enough donations ( from mostly strangers) to buy a new camera. What Itaysha did for me that week, allowed me to continue to work the duration of my trip. I don't think she realizes how much her friendship means to me.

I also want to say THANK YOU to models like Rumando Kelley @ CESD, Brandon Parker @ Ford and Pierre Woods @ New York Models, who have treated me like a friend. They have been my dawgs without it being about what I can do for them. THANK YOU FELLAS.

I don't think people realize how important a formal thank you is, so I decided to write one so the world knows how important certain people are to me. Blowing up doesn't happen without help and I just want the people who are helping me to know that they are appreciated.

Write someone a thank you or take them to lunch or something to show people who didn't haveta do anything for you that you really appreciate them. Thank you goes a loooooong way.

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  1. You are welcome! You know you my dawg! even with your messy ass and your narcolepsy! you was way too talented in the small pond of memphis to challenge yourself!