Sunday, December 7, 2008

one to watch......BRANDON PARKER

Hailng from Va. my latest discovery, Brandon Parker is currently unsigned and seeking representation. Brandon was the prepper for Ralph Lauren style team of Kelli Browning and Randall Jacobs when I shot Pierre Woods for Uptown magazine. Me and makeup artist Crystal Clark couldn't stop staring at him. His presence and energy was very strong and capitivating. So much so, that Crystal spent most of the day flirting with him, lol. After the photoshoot we exchanged contact info to set up a session.

Brandon was a basketball player for Marymount but after a foot injury that pretty much caused him lose his scholarship - he has set his sights on a modeling career here in nyc. Like myself, he arrived with no money, no family, and a few connects to start life in ny. I been working with Brandon alot for the past few months helping develope his portfolio and him to become a better model. I did the same thing with Brian Peters, Andre Douglas, and Pierre Woods .... now its Brandon Parker's turn to break into the fashion industry and its next big thing.

His classic "guy next door" looks and damn near perfect 6'2" body makes him a definite choice any client from Abercormbie to Armani....
He reminds me so much of my fashion illustrations from my college days - them long limbs, poppin' cheekbones and that long neck... Brandon on his way to becoming a coldmuthafuxah in this industry....

Most of the models I worked with and helped developed, I never see or hear from them again. In the same fashion as Brian Peters @ Ford, Pierre Woods@ NY models, Shylow and Lamar James@ identities and a hand of others I developed a connection beyond a one time session. We developed a friendship that made me take a interest in seeing these people shine. They help make being here by myself less lonesome.....

me and brandon kickin the convo.......

( special thanks to momma Parker for cooking us some real baked mac and cheese on Thanksgiving and Brandon hooked me up with a new chair, hehehehee)


  1. Great shots Tarrice. Brandon is a homie of mine and to see how far he's come in this short time is amazing.

  2. Thanks for giving Brando the photos he deserves. Your expert photograghy will help take my buddy to the next level. NB

  3. That is my sweet baby child! You are gonna take the WORLD by storm Brando. Great work--the both of you...

  4. yo - had to jump back on cause I just watched the vid. This is one of the realest & to-the-point blogs on here. Love what you're about man.

  5. Great post Tarrice, and the video brought it all home. You have such a wonderful way with being open and honest about this industry which is why i love following your work. You're such an inspiration to myself and others. Nothing but best wishes and I LOVE your accent. I tried to cover mines up when moving from North Carolina to New Jersey but sometimes it's a great conversation starter! ;-)

  6. Hey, I love those shots, though. By the way, I only found you by searching my name online on google images, but I am glad I did.