Saturday, February 2, 2013



ph. Tarrice Love

styling: Tarrice Love 

Somebody asked me why did i cut the underwear bands off?

here's why. 

I get underwear companies hitting me up all the time offering me "free" underwear to use in my photography. After I thought about it, i realize that they'd be getting me and the model to promote their product for free. They have no reason to ever pay me to photograph their brand if i'm already doing it for free. I'd be cancelling myself and the model out of possible earnings. 

When my work (with their brands) appears on my internet outlets i am also introducing their products to all of my followers and viewers (who are also potential customers). They are making money because my images are helping sell their brand and they didn't pay me or the models who appear in the images. I decided to follow the same politics that editor of American Vogue Anna Wintour uses.... She does not use clothing in editorials from designers (or their corporate backers) who don't pay for ad space. Its also the same reason many of these online magazines can't get advertising support. They feature countless designer brands on their online pages and pages for free. Why would a design company pay you for one or 2 pages of ad space if you are already doing it for nothing?

Unless its a designer or brand i am supporting (weather i'm paid to photograph it or i am doing so for personal reasons), I find creative ways to hide it. Like my Granny useta say "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"


  1. Brilliant...definitely the marketing strategy, but especially THESE PHENOMENAL SHOTS OF THE EXCELLENT MODEL. Definitive. Superlative. Best of the Best.

  2. agreed with your way of thinking Tarrice

  3. You definitely captured all of Aaron's best angles. ;)

  4. This young man is an incredible model! My coworkers & I are working the third shift & we are in awe at this amazing work of art! Beautiful photography that captures the essence of a mature young man in his glory! Whoa! ;-)