Tuesday, February 5, 2013


model: SEAN ROBINSON @ currently unsigned
ph. Tarrice Love
styling:  Tarrice Love

When i first came to  nyc, magazines  useta pay us photographers to do editorials
I would get between $1200 to $1700 to shoot an editorial for bullshit ass magazines I  never heard of . I even  had the  opportunity to  shoot  Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones for  Men's  Vogue.... and they  paid me. Now magazines  dont pay  us  nothing..... why do you think that  is? Newcomer photographers  have  come along offering their photographic  services  for  free in return  for  tear sheets  and  bragging rights with the  hopes of getting representation. - they  cancelled out  paying  photographers and  in the process they have  cancelled  themselves out of  making  money when  they  shoot with  random  magazines   for the  tear sheet or  "exposure"  for free.

I don't really shoot editorials for  free and  they  don't  ask.... they  know if they want the  caliber of work i produce and  my expertise,   they  gotta  come out of pocket. I haveta  really like  the  magazine  and  believe in it to even  consider  shooting for  free. these lil online  mags don't  supply  enough  exposure to  make it worth  doing for  free. all the  tear sheets  in the  world  from  no-name  mags  isn't gonna  help you get representation. it also  hurts  your  relationship  with modeling  agencies. Over saturating the  market  with a  model's likeness with these  unknown  magazines  tends to  cheapen the model's image  with  advertisers making  it  more  difficult for  their  agents  to  negotiate a higher rate. It's  not about being  EVERYWHERE, its  about being in the  right places....seen by the  right  people.

fashion is  all about  exclusivity esp  w/ representation. That is  why i'm  very  selective about  where i put my work. i'm thinking  about the  bigger  picture. fuck bragging rights, they  don't pay rent.