Monday, December 15, 2008

introducing DURAN BUNCH @ Wilhemina Models NYC

One of the girls i useta take pics of back in Memphis actually introduced me to Duran Bunch. He was a guy from Nashville detailing bikes who was trying to break into modeling. She was in a fashion show with him and thought he needed my touch to help, so she gave him my contact info and called me insisting I work with him. I said ok after she emailed me photos of him backstage at the fashion show.

Duran would drive from Nashville to Memphis regularly to work with me. I totally believed in his look and definitely though he'd do well in this business. He has. With the help of my images, Duran is currently signed with Wilhemina. Duran has stomped the runways of damn near all the top European designers , appeared in a solo spread in L'official Hommes, Vman, Nurmero and recently appeared in a controversial spread in Vmagazine shot by Steven Miesel. I am so proud of Duran and I cain't wait to see what he does next.

Next time we are in Memphis together we need to hit the Cheesecake Corner again and indulge in their amazing turkey and dressing quiche...that shit was off the chain. lol!

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