Thursday, December 25, 2008

pictorial #2 - BOHEMIAN GLAMLUXE:things don't always turn out like you want them to...

The day I was suppose to shoot Vianna and Angelica of Next Models in Miami it seemed like everything that could go wrong went wrong. It rained the day of the shoot and I had to reschedule for the next day because i instisted on shooting outside. The last minute schedule change left me without a stylist. Everyone was late and that affected the lighting conditions terribly. Then the weather took a turn for the bitter cold and high winds. after i redesigned the plan for the shoot Angelica came at me with this whole "i'm a conservative model and i prefer to be modestly dress shit." Not only had i planned for the outfits to be sexy and provocative, Brandon was suppose to be nude for one of the shots and the girls were gonna be fighting over him (some Dolce and Gabanna type of shit)...all that got tossed out the window. I really wanted some more girls in my portfolio so instead of arguing with her and disrupting the mood, I kept modifying my concept until she was comfortable. (if you could see my face right now while i'm typing...) I started thinking about the rumors that i was difficult and had a bad attitude. I didn't want these girls to go back to Miami thinking I was an asshole.

I made the girls outfits out of oversized t-shirts. I was inspired by the deconstruction designers of the nineties and old Gucci by Tom Ford. Once we got the girls dressed and Brandon in his Prada suit, we went up on the roof. the wind was blowing like crazy and it was super cold. It was so cold I couldn't even think straight. I shot Angelica first and I told her i wanted fashion posing ...i wish i coulda concentrate better so i could been clear about what i wanted. She kept crunching her body and shortening herself.....all wrong for the long lines i needed to accentuate her outfit.

I kept seeing Brandon out of the corner of my eye laughing. The wind was furiously banging against my head and I started getting a headache. Vianna got in front of the camera and turned it out. she was a real trooper induring the cold and wind like a pro. I could tell she was the more experienced of the two. She put on what ever i told her and never complained....she made me feel like she want the shot as much as I did, maybe even more.

The shoot was long and exhausting and we took our asses to IHOP to experience the worst waitress ever ( the one in Brooklyn and her name was Wendy). During the shoot I tried to make the most it but i wasn't happy because I wasn't getting nothing like what I wanted for this shoot. The girls were really nice people and I totally enjoyed them. I especially liked Vianna and I would definitely work with her again. She was tha bizness. Brandon is always a trooper.

Crystal did her thing with the makeup and I love working with her. It was another situation where i serendered my vision to please other people. The last time that will happen.... I learn't to never compromise my vision and allow other peoples limites and restrictions become my own. The pics turned out okay....but it wasn't what i wanted.


  1. I have been in that situation before, so I feel your pain. I have learned to stick with my gut feeling and do what I WANT, since that is what the models came there for to beghin with. Your heart will never steer you wrong.

  2. I love the idea of Bohemian Glam-Luxe. I would love to see you take this on again, with a stylist and models that are better equipped to deliver the shot you need. Brandon is gorgeous as always...