Friday, October 16, 2009


I read this article in some magazine ( i can't remember at this moment where) they talked to American Vogue's Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour about the men's shows. Through the article, she brought to my attention that today's men's fashion alienates the grown man who can actually afford these high-end designer duds. Most grown men are not "European Cut." Many of them workout at gyms and have personal trainers so they can look like their ideal version of themselves.  I don't think men look at these young guys stomping down runways  in the latest designer duds feeling like those designers made those clothes with him in mind. I don't think grown men look at fashion advertising and see those young guys and relate to the products or find the fashion relevant to their lifestyle.
Women have always been attracted to older, stable men. 14 year old girls want to be with  slightly older guys because they have cars or access to one, and they can drive. Women in their 20's start looking for security and want to be with men who make them feel safe.... physically, mentally, and financially. The typical male model today looks like their brothers and his slacker friends who sit on the couch, eating snacks, playing video games, and smoking weed all day.
Young boys can't wait to "grow up" to be hairy with facial hair and have a masculine presence with big muscles. I remember drawing on a mustache and beard and putting on my grand-daddy's size 13 shoes and pretending i was a man.

I met actor/model Courtney Steele of 301 Model Mgmt in Miami  when he first arrived to NY this summer. He definitely isn't a 19 year old newbie on the scene. He is a man- educated, sexy, and strong. I have been inspired by the kind of man I grew up wanting to be. He is the embodiment of everything i wanted to look like when i was a little dude in Memphis.

I have also noticed guys with more masculine and mature looks like David Gandy are booking the major campaigns again. I had to venture out on my own to find this type of guy because  the agencies are continuously pushing the young boys in their late teens/ early 20's. Although he worked steadily in Miami, he found it damn near impossible to get agency representation here in New York mostly because he looks too mature.

Courtney Steele @ 301 Model Mgmt. - Miami / Base Model Mgmt. - Capetown

Courtney stopped by yesterday to say goodbye before heading to Capetown, South Africa. The above images are from a quick shoot we did while he was here.  It sucks that he has to go to South Africa because there is a greater demand for the "real man" type over there. Maybe one day the American fashion industry will return to catering to people's fantasies .... time will tell.


  1. Looks like a man to ME! Mmmm! (acts like one, now thats a different story...)lol! Love what you wrote about the little model boys... It's so true! They come across as little bro's for real! Even if they are sexy. They are that Sexy-Cute... I have always been into a more manly look. Not into skinny, love some scruff on the face and some hair on the bod, with a deep voice to top it off! The guys with these campaigns and walk in shows are chosen by the gay men that run the industry. Could it be that Gay men just like young boys... Just like straight men love young girls! Now, if men like this were coming out one by one on a runway I might loose it! Now back to the grown ass man above... he. is. sexy. Only grown men have that kind of confidence and proudly rock hair on their bod!!! Sexiest work to date T!!! Yum-O!

  2. Have you seen Eric Watson..did a Kuros ad back in the day and just did a recent shoot with Crystal Renn. Like Courtney..he is a masculine guy..not the runway type..the REAL type:)