Sunday, October 18, 2009


I had two events to attend (almost at the same time) on October 15th. This was also the first day of cold weather in NYC topped with winds and rain. The first event I attended was the Arterotica vol. 04. The were featuring work from one of my friends, artist/ model Sidney Etienne.

It was located at this lilttle bar/ lounge in Soho called Madame X. I was got there early so i could really see the art before it venue got too crowded. It was the perfect location for an event like this. Ithe decor and atmospher was so sexy. I was waiting for scantily clad hoes to pop out ready to make the patrons "happy." lol. I made my way in through the place in search of my friend's work.
I was so impressed with his selection of images. I stared at his photographs of nude females on his roof top being sprayed with water. Some of the images looked like they were being pee'd on. LOL, Rkelly woulda especially enjoyed these particular photographs.

other artist featured included:
fashion photographer: Marc Baptiste

model:  Ibrahim Yaqut

painter: Jonathan Herbert

I stayed for about an hour before heading uptown to Harlem for the Harlem Fashion Row Event. I ended roaming the streets of harlem in the cold and rain for an hour lost before i found the venue. I arrived to a packed lobby full of angry black fashionistas because the event was over capacity and they weren't letting anyone in. /the event featured two designers i was really looking forward to seeing, my friend Epperson from Project Runway and the amazing visionary Jose Duran. I mingled a few models and friends and had dinner my friend/ model Rumando Kelley before heading home calling it a night. Arterotic was definitely the high point of my night and I was glad I attended.

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