Monday, August 2, 2010

PHOTOGRAPHER/ FRIEND JAMES K HOLDER for Your Face HERE: Haitian Earthquake Relief Effort

James K Holder II (Photography: Tarrice Love)

One of my close friends, Atlanta based photographer James K Holder II raised $10,000 in donations through his “Your Face HERE: Haitian Earthquake Relief Effort” project. James came up with the idea for the “Your Face HERE” project. In exchange for making donations of $50 or more to the American Red Cross or Yele Haiti, people could have him shoot their portraits.

His portraits for the “Your Face HERE” and some of his other photographic work can be viewed at You can also read more about his project here


  1. Thanks Mr. Love. I learned a lot about perseverance from you. Or as you would put it, shut up and just do it.

  2. oh wow really impressive.

    & @photo above: nice photography, gorgeous guy.