Monday, October 3, 2011

SMOKIN' feat. rapper/actor BRY'NT

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring rapper/ actor Bry'Nt
Hair - Vaughn McIver
Barbering - Kev G.
styled by Tarrice Love

The first time i worked with was last year when I shot his promo material for his music. I didn't know what to expect. The only other time I work with a rap artist was when I shot Eightball and MJG for Ozone Magazine. He came in with his stylist, groomer and management so I was expecting drama. To my surprise, everyone was so cool - the nicest crew of people I have worked with to date. I liked working with Bry'Nt so much , I had him return to shoot something a bit more provocative for me.

Bry,Nt is an openingly gay rap artist and actor. He's had success amongst the gay community and a growing following in mainstream rap circles. Bry’Nt began his solo career with the release of his controversial mixtapes “Porn Star” (2008) and “Porn Star II: The Director’s Cut” (2009). He titled the projects "Porn Star" because he felt people are hesitant to admit they like his music because of his sexuality the same way people are hesitant to admit that they like porn. He has toured nationally and internationally opening for artists such as Fantasia, Teairra Mari, RuPaul, and DJ Class. From interviews on Sirius Satellite Radio with DJ Kay Slay and Angela Yee. Magazines including Spin, Bleu, and Kontrol Magazine have already done write ups about him. Bry’Nt has put himself at the forefront of an underground movement known as “Out Hip-Hop;” which consists of openly gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual artists. This has mad him a recent nominee for OUTMusic Awards.

me and Bry'Nt chatting it up about our experience working together and his upcoming projects.

Bry'Nt also stars in the independant film "Finding Me: Truth." 
Check out the "Finding Me: Truth" blog for more information:

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I think Bry'Nt is a very cool dude and I enjoy working with him and will continue to collaborate with him to produce madness.


  1. Holala, so hot! love that. you make me horny

  2. it's so sensual and powerful...absolutely love it and the hair. Wish that I could rock that.

  3. I'm a huge fan of Bryn't and have followed his career for quite a while. I wish him nothing but love and success!

  4. I'm a big fan of Bry'Nt and you. This re-collaboration is long overdue. LOVING the results. Hope you don't mind if I repost (with proper credits and link, of course). Masterful work as always.