Sunday, July 17, 2011


I was very nervous and excited to work with the amazingly gorgeous Kahari Mays. Amongst the  many campaigns  he's been featured in, the Ralph Lauren Fall 2010 is the most recent one to use his flawless face as one of their brand ambassadors. 

I have followed his career for a very long time and was a little intimidated. I didn't really know what to do with  him. I don't have access to a lot of clothing to do fashion images nor do I feel comfortable to ask a stylist to haul a bunch of showroom clothes to my studio space in Brooklyn...for free. So I decided to use the bull skull that my friend, photographer James K. Holder, gave me. That thing has sat on a little table in the middle of my living room for months. Kahari kept staring at it with that "ooh, I want to shoot with it..." look on his face. Most of the guys who come in want to shoot with it as soon as they walk thru the door.  I decided to use it with Kahari because his face is a-maz-ing and strong enought to over-power it. I wanted us to create images that were lasting and impactful. I wanted these images  to be something that Kahari would want to hang on his wall at his home.

I was so intrigued by how flawless his skin is. I didn't haveta do anything to his photos but clean up the background and adjust the color tones. He is stunning and complete class act. 
Special thanks to Jason and Andrew @ Soul Artist Mgmt for making this happen. 

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