Saturday, July 30, 2011

inspiration: THE FALL 2001 SEAN JOHN SHOW

The Fall 2001 Sean John fashion show changed everything for me. It was the very first time I really felt like their was a specific place for me (the young black man). I remember watching it on E! Entertainment television.This was the  first fashion show to be broadcasted live on national television.  It was an exciting  fashion show with clothes inspired by my life and i wanted to wear them. The model roster was a diverse mix of guys who looked like the casting director just went to Union Square and grabbed every tall guy they saw.  It was like watching  The Source, Vibe, and Spin magazine come to life. This has the be the one of the best men's fashion shows ever.

(Sean John was the wardrobe, Badboy made the soundtrack for the movie that was my life)

The one thing I try to tell young people who are trying to get into the fashion industry is the reason you don't see a strong presence of black people in the industry is that we don't own anything to include us. Back in the day, Sean John was one of those black owned labels that represented the guy on the street.....and catered to the everyday young urban man lifestyle. Sean John, like most of the urban labels, are no longer black owned. The are now owned by big corporations who do connect or relate to black culture.

Fashion is still created by artists. The results are a reflection of artist lifestyle or the lifestyle they desire. If the artists are white people, the corporation who owns the fashion house are compiled of mostly white really can't expect to see a genuine representation of colored people and their cultural lifestyle.  

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