Saturday, July 18, 2009


this was my first nude project i shot... i called it Genesis. It was inspired my the biblical story of the creation of man and women. The models in the project were my best friend, Dawn and Kwasi. I was bored with my fashion attempts and at the suggestion of my Dawn, I decided to try shooting an artistic nude. I thought it would be easy, especially since my models for the project were my friends but I was soooo nervous. I couldn't stop shaking. I shot Kwasi first and most of my shots were blurry and out of focus due to camera shake. He had to reshoot his shots later. Dawn was a little bit easier.

I made a collage using xerox copies of the passages of Genesis and stacked the negatives creating these amazing double exposed prints. Then I used a photo dye process to color the prints that murky red color.

In this digital everything age, I almost forgot what it's like to work with film and the value of processed film. Looking at these images brought back memories of the darkroom and the photography printing process. Many photographers emerging on the scene are dependent upon the expertise of stylist, makeup, hair dresser, technicians and most of all photoshop to make their images look good. I remember being in the darkroom for days working on these 2 images. If you handed many of today's photographers a roll of film to shoot and process they'd look at you lost and dumb-founded. I think my experience in the darkroom is a definite asset to my digital work today. I was very proud of everything i put into these images.

My Granny was so proud of the images , she took my 24x30 prints to church to show off what her grand son had done. lol