Thursday, May 7, 2009


My patience has gotten very short with "models" who think showing up and being good looking is all they haveta do. They wait for the photographer to tell them step by step what to do. I am so tired of having people standing in front of me who have no idea how to move and serve me something that is inspiring.
Its like having bad sex.
Imagine how fun it is to have sex with a person you have to tell them everything to do....."move your leg over here, twist this way, grab that, push this in, stick this out, tighten this ..." I spend all my time tell you what to do, I don't get to concentrate on what i am doing. Good modeling is about vibing and having a good connection to work together.... the same components involved with good sex, lol.

I am yearning for the day when I can work with models who understand angles, light, shadow, and proportion and how they can use those things to inspire me.

The video below is an example of a model who understands how to move in front of a camera. She moves to accentuate the lines of her body while doing a continuous "shimmey" to compliment the movement and texture of the dress. She is totally aware of her body, her face , and her clothes. I show this video to every model i shoot so they know where they should be as a professional.

Naomi Campbell fotoshoot by Steven Klein

Watch and listen..

This is a recent episode of Tyra Bank's America Next Top Model provides some great tips for models.Pay attention to the what Tyra and her panel of judges have to say because they provide some great advice to help any model in front of the camera..

click here

* stand in front of the mirror butt ass naked and pose. Learn your body and the shapes and lines it makes. you can't make clothes look good if you don't know what your body looks like or understand what happens when you move. If you know what your body looks like then you can see the shot in your mind. knowing what your body looks like also give you power and some control. We ( photographers) can only shoot what you do infront of our cameras. If you don't know anything it forces us to think for you ...

*study your face, it's your tool to convey personality and range.

think about modeling like acting and dance without a script or choreography...
in terms of sex...if you know what you got and how to use it, the sex will always be good and you'll have 'em feening for more. If you got all the physical components and you just lying there... just know you suck!


  1. ahaha. so good and true. i thought it was feeling and channeling sex in your mind. i guess that isn't enough.