Tuesday, April 28, 2009

pictorial #005 Mr and Mrs Smith featuring Gabraella

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Gabraella @ Click Models and Bryan Dewitt
styled by Sergio Dior
makeup Theresa Francine
Hair by Shari

Stylist Sergio called me out of the blue asking if I could do a shoot at the last minute. My friend, actor Joseph Daniels was in town visiting. I was gonna shoot him, but he ended up assisting me with this shoot. The girl was named Gabraella and she was with Click Models. Her shoot was suppose to be with photographer Lope Navo but something happened that ended with her at the front of my door in brooklyn with tear stain makeup running down her face.

No one would tell me what happened and I didn't press the issue because I wanted the models to refocus on what they where doing with me. The makeup and hair team cleaned her up and re prepped her for this couple shoot with male model Bryan Dewitt.

Gabraella was a trooper, trying her damn'est to get her mind focused. Bryan was like a Ken doll come to life... he was amazing and very professional. Sergio put together some really hot looks for everyone. The makeup was creative and made retouching unnecessary. My only complaint (you know i had to bitch about something, lol) was that I felt it took them waaaaay too long to get her ready. I was on the redbulls for real that night.