Saturday, April 18, 2009

the imfamous...TARRICE LOVE steps in front of the camera.

image photographed by Brandon Parker

Brandon Parker @ Ford stopped thru to pick up his photos and get in a quick session and he decided to pick up my camera and play photographer with me as his model. My first reaction was "hell to the no!" Then he had this sad look on his face and I felt kinda guilty that him and all the models I've worked with totally trust me behind the camera and I wasn't giving him the same trust. So I decided what the hell, let'm direct me, guide me thru this.

It was wierd to watch Brandon be me, telling me what to do and i do it. It was fun. This was the first time I trusted a model with the image of myself and the results turned out pretty good. After I get this body poppin and turn this 20lbs of fat into muscle imma step back in front of the camera... ;)


  1. yes but joel was a photographer. i met him in photography class in college

  2. Is this a promise and can we count on it? On the other hand are you afraid of these some 20lbs? Hey LOVE isn't love just loving the individual as a whole with the smart and less parts as well?
    Looking forward anyway and thanks for the beautiful work and sharp eye on the other side of the lens.