Thursday, May 21, 2009

DANCING MACHINE - dancer/ actor/ model George Alexander

I contacted professional hiphop and break dancer George Alexander aka B-Boy Gee, thru modeling network to pose for an artistic project I'm working on. I'm heavily inspired by dance and often use it as a reference for posing and movement. Lately I have been bored with new models who have to be guided and directed thru a photoshoot, so the opportunity to work with a dancer was something I was very happy about. Dancers are usually very aware of their body and how to move so I was anxious to work with him. I also liked his look. Gee kinda puts me in the mind of Diddy meets 50 Cent, lol. He also has a ridiculously amazing body that's ripped like corn cob.

Everytime I work with Gee we do images that are exciting and hopefully effective for both of our careers. I think the images we create have had a major impact on how people see him. The images give him the versatility and range he needs to branch his career into acting and modeling. He is currently represented by Clear Talent Group , one of the top dance agencies in the country.

check out his blog -


  1. Yo Gee, I am a huge fan of yours and I wanted to say that you were dope as hell in stomp the yard:homecoming. your dance moves, modeling pics are hot as hell man. My name is Quentin Bishop.