Friday, May 22, 2009

anonymously speaking....

I have created this blog to welcome you, the viewer, into my world to share with you my life, my experiences, and my work as an artist. I knew that doing so opens up the floodgates for people to criticize and judge me. I'm ready for it and prepared to take serious criticisms to help make my work better and me a better person. I wasn't prepared for jealousy, hatred, and personal attacks on my character hidden behind " Anonymous".

There is no room for negativity in my life.

With that said, I no longer will allow comments that appear malicious and negative to be posted on my blog under the screen name
Anonymous. Criticism is usually followed by suggestions for improvement. I recognize positive comments and honest criticisms with hopes that they help me make my art better. If you hide behind Anonymous screen names to assault my character and maliciously speak negatively of my work, it is because it is easy to hide instead of facing me straight on. It is also the actions of people who are threaten by me and my gifts and insecure about themselves. People who are positive and happy don't have time or interest in being maliciously negative. I will not allow my blog to be the forum for cowards to express their negativity. If you don't have nothing constructive to say, you can take that shit somewhere else because you will be deleted from my blog world...


  1. You have talent, and you are going places. Timing is everything, and jealousy is everywhere. Remember why you are doing this, to create beauty, and love. After all, Love is your real name....

  2. I may be bias but I LOVE your do away with the comments that isn't about helping you @ all...

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  4. I agree, get rid of anonymous comments that are negative. This is after all your blog and if people can't be supportive constructively why does anyone need to read what they have to say.