Thursday, May 7, 2009

pictorial #006 - IN BED WITH ME- featuring Darrell Walden Jr. @ Next Model Mgmt.

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Darrell Walden Jr @ Next Model mgmt.
styled by Tarrice Love

I wanted to create a series of images that felt more intimate and personal than my studio work. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the empty room in my apartment before someone moved into it. I also felt this series was the perfect for me to experiment with using natural light.


  1. This is a really cool series. I love the lighting and the tones...your work I think is so amazing! You are breaking grounds for people of color! Never loose your passion, black people need to see more images like this!

  2. Damn, this is FIYAH, much continued sex. Keep bangin out these joints. 1