Wednesday, May 21, 2008

003: introducing Shawn Sutton @ red models nyc

photographed and styled by Tarrice love - my version of bike messenger meets wall street, lol

yesterday I did a photo test with Shawn Sutton @ red models nyc. i have worked with a lot of promising new talent at red models, and he definitely falls in to that catagory of ones to watch. i wanted to do some amazing pics outside against brooklyn sky, but unfortunately it rained...all evening. because i didn't have a stylist nor did he bring clothes for the test, i did some very simple jeans/ t-shirt stuff and beauty shots. he has an amazing face and he takes direction very well. he's only been modeling for a few weeks and look forward to seeing him grow. i have a good eye for talent and he's definitely is one to watch. i plan to collaborate with him again in a few weeks to create serious hotness and hopefully this time it won't rain.


  1. Tarrice always finds em. lol. A good, hearty "grind on" to both Mr. Love, tha seasoned lensman and Mr. Sutton, the burgeoning model.