Friday, May 9, 2008

002: brian peters @ ford models nyc

i recently set up a photoshoot with one of my favorite models from memphis, brian peters when he was in town for a big ralph lauren casting. while he has here, i introduced him to another of my favorite models, fellow southerner rumando kelly. i shot both of them outside in the streets of brooklyn. it was fun and frustrating because it was the first time working with them i couldn't capture the shot i was trying to get. it was also the first time in a long time i worked with a stylist, sergio dior. below is brian telling you about the shoot....

styling by sergio dior

rumando kelley @ stanley chaplan/ felton group

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  1. yo...can you make me a supermodel? lol. Naw, truss, I know my place. And YOU obviously know yours too. Your work is fiyah & its coo to see tha real.

    Tarrice's work has always been the truff...and now he's showin us the truff behind tha truff. I've got this blog locked. Grind on.