Monday, August 25, 2008

introducing Kristina Smolyar@ bloom model mgmt.

photographed and styled by me, Tarrice Love

Kristina Smolyar was great. She's from Russia but currently lives in Philly and was in NYC shopping herself around to the agencies and hit me up on modelmayhem. She was only in town for a few days and asked me if i could squeeze her in that week. I was gonna tell her no because i was thinking about how already overloaded I was with work but then I was like "this girl is kinda hot and I'd be foolish to pass on the opportunity to work with her". Anyway, when she arrived I was instantly inspired to do these high fashion meets eartherial ( i know i spell'd that wrong) angel. Again, with no stylist...i made her outfits and styled her myself. I also did the make-up myself. Kristina was great to work with, very professional and prompt. She took direction well and manage to deliver like a veteran. Bloom Model Mgmt. has a star in their mist....get ready.


  1. Dude you are truly talented! Keep up the great work!

    Steve (mr_tease79)

  2. HOTTT shitt keep it poppin!

    P.s. I love the head shot!


  3. Bro - you created a cool ass word when you stuck that "a" in ethereal. I don't point it out cause I'm a knowitall...I point it out cause YOU don't even know whaz comin out your mouff, fingers and lens sometimes. By puttin the word "earth" in tha middle of that word, you've perfectly described what i looove about your work. You have a way of humanizing High Fashion photography. While lots of otha photogs seem to capture an otherworldly anonymity in their models, you capture the beauty of HUMANITY. Screw what the Industry says "the public wants to see" - the winds of change are blowin out here in the real world & we wanna see beautiful people that connect with us on a human level! (We want Baracks, not McCains! lol...sorry for the political editorial but its truff)

    End of sermon. I LOVE what you've captured with BOTH these up-and-coming Caucasian models! They're both beautiful and I actually feel like I wanna hang out wit em --- not just worship em like gods from afar. Kuddos in my book bruh.