Thursday, August 21, 2008

Me against the world....GET 'EM!

i decided to add this video because it is my motivator. when i first saw this video it reminded me of myself and the struggles of what I am going through. When I was in Memphis i created hot-ness in a room in the back of my granny's house. Now i'm in New York creating better hot-ness in a smaller space. I have been doing my own styling, makeup, and hair. Since I don't have access to high fashion clothing, i create my own shit. It reminds me that dispite my limitations, I manage to (as Tim Gunn would say) make it work. This song is my anthem and when i hear it, it makes me feel like i can conquer all the odds against me.

Its hard being an artist from Memphis, Tn up here in NYC. I have to deal with a lot of ignorant stereotypes that make it difficult for new yorkers to believe that talent that exceeds their own can come from the south. Well look out y'all here's one country ass dude 'bout sho y'all that what I bring to the fashion table is valid. I apply the things I learned in college, the influences of my family, friends, and various countries I have traveled, and my street- sensibilities. If y'all ain't ready, then get ready...I'm 'bout to break y'all off somethin' ....WHOOP THAT TRICK, GET 'EM! LOL


  1. MEMPHIS....hahahahaha.

    So man...why is the geeky lookin white dude always the brains in the studio? lol.

  2. Yo man..don't let them break you! Stay motivated and use this and whatever obstacle you may face as stepping stone to the next level.