Tuesday, September 14, 2010

introducing MARYBETH DUPAIN @ Next NYC

Marybeth Dupain (photography: Tarrice Love)

I met Marybeth Dupain during one of my visits to NYC back in 2006. I did a test shoot with her when she was starting out. Since then both of us have developed to be much better than our begining work. She has done worked for Abercrombie and Sephora and other clients all over the world. I was happy to have her return to the front of my lens ....... she is gorgeous and I really enjoy working with her and look forward to a continued working relationship. Its amazing when a model can step in front of a camera with no makeup, no elaborate hair, and no designer clothing and still produce beautiful images....

Marybeth Dupain (photography: Tarrice Love)

Marybeth Dupain (photography: Tarrice Love)
styling: Marybeth & MacGuyver aka Tarrice Love

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  1. wow she is really pretty!!!