Tuesday, February 10, 2009


model: harold shores@ la models

When i first came to NYC i started "I AM THE NEW BLACK" movement to encourage diversity in fashion campaigns and runway shows. During NY fashion week I asked all of my friends on Myspace to change their display name to I AM THE NEW BLACK during the month of February. That was back in 2006. Its now 2009 and America is in full swing with a social climate screaming for change.

With the men's shows just passing in Europe, Milan designers pretty much stuck to their guns with keeping their show and campaign presentations mostly white. Paris took us back to the late 80's and early 90's when runways were more diverse. NY Fashion week is around the corner and let's hope they reflect the nation's air of change and start showing some diversity on the runways and in the campaigns.

Last season Darrell Walden was one of the few black guys to stomp the international runways and here's what he had to say:
(Darrell Walden Jr is nolonger with Fusion. He is currently represented by Re:Quest Model Mgmt.)

Black is a reoccurring staple in everyone's wardrobe... that is why I call the movement I AM THE NEW BLACK. Fashion is always proclaiming a different color the "new" black. This season, "we" all are the staple of our existence... Black, White, Spanish, Asian ect.....WE ARE THE NEW BLACK . These images are dedicate to all of "us" during this upcoming fashion week.

model: dominique miller
hair &makeup by dante blandshaw

model: joseph daniels - vicc@boss models

models: dominique miller & lawrence annunziata@identities nyc

model: michael seals - daniel blalock @ identities nyc

model: corey reese

model: jahdal houston