Friday, February 27, 2009

pictorial #004 - DIVA featuring Rica Reklaw

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Rica Reklaw @ unsigned model
styled by Tarrice Love
makeup Crystal Clark
assisted bby Brandon Parker

The first images i saw of Rica Reklaw from LA where those of my fellow photographer and friend, William Elliot Springfield. They were hot!!! I was hoping to one day get to work with her. Makeup artist, Crystal Clark, hit me up and told me Rica was coming to NYC to test with photographers and makeup artist to add a "east coast" element to her portfolio. I was completely down to work with both of them.
We really didn't have a concept planned. All I knew was that from looking at her work with previous photographers, I noticed that everyone was going for this androgynous boy/girl thing with her. I told Crystal that I wanted to make sure Rica looked like a pretty girl with some tough edge.

We didn't have a stylist ( as usual) so I had to depend on my own creativity and use my available resources. I made her clothes out of pantyhose I had purchased at the bodega on the corner of my block. I was inspired by a vision of Aaliyah as a modern girl mummy. I think the look was creative and fun.


  1. Beautiful: Girl, photos, concepts. Lots of imagination/originality!

  2. i definitely see the Aaliyah influence in the second shot....Aaliyah could wear the shit out of brown and her skin looked so great in it....

    and you first thought with Rica wouldve been instantly androgynous...glad you flipped it.

  3. I love the one with the brown... That shit is fire!

  4. talk about hot clothing!!! wow man you're great!

  5. You use your resources well which is totally innovative also very forward... Amazing model and Dope presentation. Maison Martin Margiela has used hoses but not like this.