Tuesday, February 10, 2009

pictorial #3 - SHOW ME THE LIGHT - black angels in brooklyn

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Lawrence Annunziata @ Identities, Lamar James@ Wilhemina Miami,
Shawn Sutton @ Red Models, Christian Dubosse @ Basic Model mgmt.,
Darrell Walden Jr @ Next Model mgmt. and Sidney Etienne-unsigned
styled by Tarrice Love
I wanted to start doing editorial submission so I started putting this project together of black guys as angels dressed in all white. God threw them down from heaven to do his work in Bedstuy Brooklyn.

model-lawrence annunziata @ identities nyc

I tried to find a stylist but that really didn't work out, so i ended up going to H&M, Zara's, and Daffy's to get things to put together looks that were funky and interesting. The models helped me out as well by bringing white things they had from their own closets.

model-lamar james @ identities nyc

Each guy was shot on a different day thru the course of the summer of 2008. I am impressed that it still flows as a consistant story.

model-shawn sutton @ red models nyc

model-christian dubosse @ basic model mgmt

I enjoyed working with all the guys for this shoot. Each one brought a different attitude and personality to their "character". Lamar James was my favorite to work with . He gave me everything I needed in less than 20 minutes. Darrell Walden Jr. was the hardest worker. He was hanging from fire escapes, jumping, falling and manage to keep the white clothes clean. The Muslims own the fire escape and threaten to call the police because we didn't have permits....it also happened when again when I shot Shawn Sutton. It turns out that Malcolm X's name is on the deed of the buildings across the street from my apartment ( aka studio 12x12) and they are some kind of historical landmark or something like that and they didn't want me taking pictures of it. Despite them making it difficult to shoot in my neighborhood, I still manage to get some really great shots.

model-darrell walden jr. @ next model mgmt

model-sidney etienne - unsigned

I held off showing these images sooner because i was trying to find a magazine to submit them to. I never anticipated how difficult it was going to be to find an outlet that would publish an all black male fashion story. I was also afraid magazine would be "inspired" by my submission and re do it with their team. Since I have started using my blog to showcase my work I decided now was a good time to share this fashion story. I would have loved to have access to stronger clothing , but I think I did a respectable job with the minimum access I had.

I continue to evolve and develope work that is reflective of my true visions. I consider myself an artist first and strive to do work that remains true to that aspect of my being.



  2. This joint is on Fire. I love it. Yo got the kid lookin really dope.

  3. The white story is spot on...I cast edwing d'angelo's "ethnics in all white" show last season and a couple these guys were cast because of how stunning they look in white. GREAT JOB!!!

  4. Your images are BEAUTIFUL! Ethereal and Heavenly! Mr. Love, you have such an AWESOME talent!

    Now that I've seen the light, I want to be washed white as snow, too! God is Proud!

  5. Mr Love you keep inspiring ...wonderful job hoepfully I will see these in a magazine real soon

  6. I ABSOLUTELY love your art...truly genius!

  7. Wow, I am really impressed!! You did a phenomenal job!