Friday, August 3, 2012


Three years before appearing on Cycle 18 of America's Next Top Model, Ashley Livingston, better known as, AzMarie stepped  in front of my lens and with the collaboration of makeup artist Crystal Clark created some timeless, beautiful images. After ANTM, I got a phone call from AzMarie letting me know she would be in town to film a movie and work on her album and if i would be interested  in reuniting to shoot again. HELL YES!!!

After sitting down with AzMarie and she  informed me of her plans to concentrate  mainly on her music and acting, I decided to keep things simple and capture images that were more true to who she really is.... so she could use the images to promote her future projects.

Along with working on her upcoming album, AzMarie  has joined the cast of  gay tv drama DTLA: Downtown Los Angeles as the role of Ricki, the girlfriend to Melanie Griffith's character Kimberley.

I love the simplicity of her beauty and the complexities of her merges well. In a sea of models who look like clones of each other with "blank canvas" personalities, AzMarie is one of the coolest  and most interesting models to have stepped in front of my camera.